Stan Lee's Life Is A Mess

A too-common story

That’s sad. Lee will always be a titan of the Comic industry.

Had no idea such chaos was around him.

Sad that people can be such ghouls.

”Stan and [his daughter] JC are literally being picked apart by vultures.”

Can no one just, like, literally shoo them away with a broom or something?

Where’s the like button?!

God, how hard is it for rich people to find honest people to help them take care of their stuff? This is heartbreaking.

/approving laughter from the back

This is so very fucked up. The man is a national treasure, does no one care enough to do something?

Sounds like the situation with Richard Simmons.

You said it, and for anyone, not just the rich. A trustworthy lawyer, mechanic, accountant, and doctor are good things to have.

I had forgotten that was still ongoing. How sad.

Oh no. I don’t remember hearing about that. That’s sad too.

Actually the story about Richard Simmons dropping out of the public eye is a lot less sinister than it initially appeared.

It also reminds me of the squabble over Casey Kasem in his final days.

Holy crap.

Well I had to read that just to find out how you go about stealing someone’s blood. Slightly disappointed to learn that it does not involve vampires.

Also, because I had to:


Will the blood give people super powers?

That’s only if he bites you.

Yeah but I mean you’d get what, super old man powers? Not sure it’s worth it.