Star Citizen may make space cowboys skin their irons

Title Star Citizen may make space cowboys skin their irons
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When September 9, 2013

Star Citizen, Chris Roberts' crowd-funded space game, will add first-person combat if a newly announced $20 million stretch goal is attained. The game recently hit the $18 million mark, and continues to rack up an impressive pledge amount from backers..

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I hear if you say Derek Smart three times in a comments section he appears wreathed in fire.

Derek Smart.

Derek Smart.

Does anyone else feel that this game seems to have its sights set way too high?

Some small inner child part of me *NEEDS* this game to be everything it's promising. I wonder if I can still find that old Freelancer disk?

I didn't before, but I do now. This seems like a mis-step to me. I pledged big and early during the kickstarter for, let me be honest, a new Freelancer or Starlancer. I don't want them to be wasting more hours on something so far removed from that :(