Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander - One of the Finest Space Games Ever

Friends, you knew it was coming. We’re only 2-3 months away from release Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander 2.0 onto Steam. If you’re unaware, Star Fleet II is a military space battlecruiser simulation that takes you through a simulated war between the Krellans (non-Klingons) and United Galactic Alliance (UGA, non-federation). Through several ranks, you’ll begin with your own, solo battlecruiser, then escorts, then eventually be able to control every friendly asset in the sector when you reach the Subadmiral level.

It’s a truly amazing game that has all the Xs of a 4X game, such as exploration, expansion, exploitation (you can either make treaties with planets or conquer them quietly via subterfuge) and of course, extermination via both ship combat and planetary invasions, along with other features such as ship boarding, all governed by a truly great AI on both sides of the war. It pretty much has everything a spaceship captain would want.

You can read about the upcoming 2.0 and wishlist it on our Steam page:

And you can download the last publicly-available version (1.5b) on our website to try out the core gameplay for yourself:

I’m also here to answer questions if you have any, and I can also ask the developer questions if I can answer them myself. I cannot WAIT to bring this to you all so you can experience the emergent joy this game brings.

Brain, are you one of the developers? From the wording of your post, it sounds like this is a game you’re working on, or at least helping publish?

And in case anyone is confusing this with the Interplay games in which you control an Enterprise or a Romulan Borg Warcube or whatever, those are called Starfleet Command. This is Star Fleet II and there’s no mistaking it if you see a screenshot:

That is some seriously old school switchology pr0n. Bring it! Looking forward to the release.


I’m a playtester working closely with the developer to bring this to Steam. The game is being developed by one guy on an actual 486, who also happens to be a rocket scientist. ;) I stream the game every week to help find bugs and also spread the word about the game.

Thank you for asking!

Well, sure, but what do you think the odds are of this getting the Official Rubin Buy It You Fucks (ORBIYF) award?

In all seriousness, good luck on the upcoming launch!

Well since it dethroned Freespace 2 as my favorite game of all time, I’d say it gets a BIYF by default. ;)

Thank you. We’re working very, very hard not to have a repeat of the disastrous 1.0 launch.

What is the price going to be, and will it run on my Mattel Intellivision?

Likely $9.99, and it runs on my Android phone using Magic DOSBox if that helps.

Just had to share because I spent countless hours salivating over this ad. I’m looking forward to finally playing it, even though I have to play it on a (ugh) PC rather than ST or Amiga. ;)

Hell yeah, I’m in like Flynn.

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Trevor Sorensen, the designer of Star Fleet I, Star Fleet II, and Star Legions (all distributed by EA back in the day). I am also the developer of the new Star Fleet II Version 2.0. I thank Brian Rubin for inviting me to join this Forum. I’ll be happy to answer and questions you might have. I’ll try to check here on a regular basis.

It is sad that the Atari ST and Amiga versions never came out. We were almost finished with the Atari ST version (being programmed by my co-author Mark Baldwin), and the programmer that did the Amiga version of Star Fleet I was working in the Amiga version. Unfortunately, the very buggy release 1 on the PC doomed any chances of there being other versions. EA never ordered any more of the PC version, even after we’d fixed most of the bugs.

That is an amazing ad.

Welcome to Qt3!

OMG hiiiii Trevor hiiii! ;)

Hail Zagar!

Hi @Trevor_Sorensen , nice to have you around!

OMG !!.
I’m in.
I played this for an obscene amount of time back when it came out. I remember buying it at EB, pouring over the manual, and then many QT3 nights. I do unfortunately remember a lot of crashes but I was still captivated by this game and what it wanted to be (and for the most part was for me).

And nice to see you here @Trevor_Sorensen

You’ll love Version 2.0. So many more features and no crashes (hopefully). You should try Version 1.5B, which is a big improvement over the original release with very few bugs or crashes.

This is why this forum needs a like button!

It’s great to have you here. I loved Star Fleet I—despite never having seen an episode of a certain science fiction series.

Are my saves from the original 3.5" version on the backup of my 486 compatible? Or will I have to start my games over?