Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander - One of the Finest Space Games Ever

And a related question: My current computer doesn’t have a turbo button. Will this impact my ability to run Star Fleet II?


P.S. Very cool of you to join us, @Trevor_Sorensen. Can’t wait to check out v2.0!

Also at your command are elite shock troops for boarding and capturing enemy vessels, and legions of Krellan warriors for planetary invasions.

This is so simple yet so evocative. I hope I’ll get addicted to it, although I hope there will be a Bill Harris or a Tom C to help me actually understand it.

You will want to start over - the game has changed so much. Your original saved games should work on Version 1.5B because I built in a converter. However, I no longer support converting from that far back because the games are too different.

I assume you have a modern PC or MAC computer. If so, it runs fine in DOSBox or equivalents on modern computers.

Sadly, Tom lost his keys to his PC!

I’ve got hundreds of hours in it if you have any questions.

The problem will be for me to know what the questions should be, I’m that clueless when it comes to complex games!

There are 8 tutorials to help you, plus Brian has over 100 videos on YouTube of him streaming the game starting with the very first mission up to the penultimate (34th) mission where he is now.

Well basically you have shock troops on your ship that can board any enemy ship or starbase and capture it (or kill everyone, or knock out its systems).

For planetary invasions, there are troopships that have shock troops (can transport, make landing pads) and dropships with full warrior cohorts that are needed for tougher planets. The shock troops build the landing pads for the drop ships.

Also yeah as Trevor said there are several tutorials to help you out, extensive documentation and an in-game Information system for further help.

You find that it’s playable on your phone? I also have Magic Dosbox.

Yup, totally playable using the on-screen keyboard.

Are the rules close at all to the original? Or are the original manuals fairly useless?

SF1 is a very, very different game truth be told. SF1 is closer to the Trek games of the era. SF2 is far more detailed and…naval…

Sorry - I meant will my old paper Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander manual be of any use - or is 2.0 so different that its just a relic?

Oh the core gameplay is still much the same, but with a ton of new features, quality of life improvements and bug fixes. 2.0 will come with updated documentation to reflect all this.

Until then, the 200-page manual for the original release is posted on the game’s Steam page. It’s worth perusing just to get a sense for the breadth of this game.

However, I have serious doubts about whether it will run without a turbo button. This seems like the kind of game that really needs that extra boost, what with all the numbers and stats going on.


Yeah the original manual is still a delight to read. There’s also a separate training manual to use along with the tutorials.

This also will need to be updated.

Your actually not wrong. Every torpedo, for example, has its own AI computer to pick the best target.

Played this endlessly back in the day. Very advanced mechanics for its time.

And still today. There’s nothing quite like it. Only the Battlecruiser 3000 games come close.