Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander - One of the Finest Space Games Ever

Hey just FYI I stream this just about every Monday from 6-8AM Pacific, which is about ten minutes from now, if y’all would like to see the latest version in action. ;)

I played the buggy PC version of this at launch! The bugs and complexity prevented me from getting very far with it. Sadly I’m an old man now with zero patience for manuals or tutorials… but maybe I’ll give this another try.


I’m pretty excited for this.

I can also legitimately say that I played a ton of Star Fleet I on the C64. Even then I knew it was a derivative of the old ‘Star Trek’ game, but it felt like a deluxe version. I got pretty wrapped up in my little commander’s career and commendations, and the tension of stalking a cloaked Zaldron ship never eroded. Also I loved the little Marines hymn that played whenever you sent a boarding party to an enemy ship.

You’ll like that SF2 has a similar rank-based career also with commendations. No hymns this time though. ;)

Damn, this is a surprise! I played the original to death, bugs and all, back in the day.

Oh that’s lovely to hear!

I followed a link for this last time it came up, and the video on the Steam page had such a perfect 80s/90s “sales voice” that I assumed this was a “faux” remake that was built today.

Nope that commercial is from the late 80s.

Welp, I certainly didn’t NEED a second boxed copy, but it was so cheap and no one else was buying it so I had to. ;)

I have a deep love for the original “Star Trek” game because I think it’s the first actual computer game I ever played, on an ancient UNIX system in the mid-late 70s, where your results and map were printed out on a (very loud) dot matrix printer. I had many dreams about that game as a kid. A bunch of old 8-bit games took the concept a bit further, including into an action direction (Time Gate 4D, Code Name Mat) but sadly I missed Star Fleet I which sounds like it expanded upon the strategy of the core concept. But I worry this Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander may be too much for my aging brain to handle these days. But the screenshots are pure pr0n, no doubt.

Hey I’m a known idiot, and if I can handle the game, anyone can.

Plus it starts very simply and slowly adds complexity as you rise up the ranks.

It’s more a reflection of how old this game might make me feel, so I’m not being entirely serious. I’m sure my aging fingers can hit the correct keys on the keyboard at least 80% of the time. But sometimes it feels like less.

There are modern games with similar graphical styles, if that helps.

Yep, that’s how I played it all those years ago. And you’re right the printer was noisy feeding off that green and white paper from a box. And we were using a land line you cradled the 300 baud modem in just like in wargames dialing into the Univ of Tx mainframe to play this and Colossal Cave.

I was discovered after school hours in the “computer room” so many times by the janitor I came perilously close to losing my access.

Good times, good times.

The interface is so evocative (really what a utilitarian starship interface of 80s sci fi would look like, complete with tons of space left open for the imagination) that I just can’t wait to be inept at it like I am at any other strategy game I ever played!

I love it personally. I imagine myself standing over the center table of the CIC in the Galactica as I play.

OMG you guys! Trevor just signed a contract with GOG, so the game will be coming to both Steam AND GOG this Summer! YAY!!!

Congratz to both Trevor and you as the designer and as a main promoter of the game!

Thank you. It’s been a long road.