Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander - One of the Finest Space Games Ever

Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask you if you guys think you’ll need any help with the documentation. Like, proofreading or whatever.

Oh gosh thanks for offering, we need all the help we can get. Please use this contact form:

To contact Trevor and discuss further. Thank you!

Sweeeeet! Going to buy it in two places, then. ;)

Omg thank you so much!

The only thing I ask is that you make a Linux version available. Should be easy, since it runs on DOSBOX and DOSBOX works fine on Linux (I believe all DOSBOX games on GOG are available for Linux, so maybe they can help if you need any help), and a Linux version will also help with Steam Deck compatibility.

I think those other ports will come after we finalize the game in its base DOS condition. There are still some features to add and tenacious bugs we need to kill. We might need help with porting to Mac and Linux when the time comes though, as I don’t know if Trevor knows at all how to do that.

And oh yeah maybe the GOG folks might be able to help with that. Not sure yet. This is all new to me! :)

I’d guess it’s something the gog folks could handle if they have the bandwidth and are willing.


Saw it (I also get a copy). Thank you!

I can try to help as well. If you remember, I did help testing for a little bit, and I was running the game just fine on Linux. So maybe if I find the time I can give a hand, but I’m pretty sure GOG will help more in packaging installers and whatnot.

We’d be happy to have some Linux testing if you have the time!

Right now I don’t, but I might in the following months. I’ll let you know ;)

Awesome thank you!

Is there no way at all to get a programmer who knows more modern stuff and an artist to make a simple graphical version?
Pixel art is probably the cheapest way to go (think FTL).

The plan is to do a graphical upgrade to a more Windows -based version after this uodated DOS version gets released.

But it’s gorgeous as it is!

Oh no doubt, but people use mice now, so it might get more people to play the game if it at least had mouse support. ;)

“Mouse”? It’ll never catch on.


Would certainly make it easier to play on the phone.

You can totally play the original easily on a phone. I’ve done it. I use Magic DOSBox on Android and a virtual keyboard. Works wonderfully, no lie.