Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander - One of the Finest Space Games Ever

Yeah, I’m definitely gonna do that but virtual keyboards are still inferior to the phone’s native input, which is tapping.

I think I might love this game you guys.

I’m not obsessed I swear.

I had no idea what that was until the second pic!

I still don’t know. Hives? Leprosy? Monkeypox?

I will be both impressed and worried if those ships (?) on your arm start to move around!

Yeah that’s my battlecruiser in the center with my four destroyer escorts. If they move around I have a problem. Probably several.

“WTF is this?”
– AI System for recognizing and categorizing skin cancers, April 8th, 2028

(it is beautiful by the way!)

Hahaha thank you!

My friends the GOG page is live if you’d like to wishlist it there!



Nice wishlisted on GOG

Thank you!

Me too. I have such memories of playing this in its gloriously buggy initial state, and despairing of it ever really being fixed. Lost touch with it but seeing it now in all of its 2.0 glory, brings back memories. Now where did I put that VGA monitor…

One of our pkaytesters uses a fork of DOSBox to get that CRT look with scan lines and everything.

Heh, I can actually do without the nostalgia jank, but it is cool. I assume this new version will look ok on modern monitors?

Oh yeah it’s just ASCII graphics that scales wonderfully either windowed or full screen. You can see it here.

Oh wow, old school but somehow still kind of modern. Ish. Like it.

It was, and I think in many ways still is, ahead of its time.