Star-Made a cube builder, In Space!

I’ve played with star-made a little bit a while ago and after reading RockPaperShotgun’s article about the server they set up I wondered how much of the QT3 community would be curious about this game.

Star made is a builder ala mine craft but the big conceit is that its of course is space. There are planets but given the weird physics of the universe they are discs floating in space. They have a local gravity but they’re bit spherical and do not conform to real world planets. Being a space game where you build things obviously spaceships are the core of it. There is a build mode tailor made for ship construction. Cubes are attached but it goes a little deeper as you then link weapon systems to fire control computers the central core to various external viewports and things like that. To make a functional ship not much is required a few cubes and you’ve got a flying box that will get you around fine, no it’s not bigger on the inside, but this being a builder you’ll find Star Destroyers, Enterprises, and Galacticas galore.

You can do an alpha buy in right now but the current version is freely available.

Tom M

Okay, I’m amused. I was hoping that I would be controlling the interior layout of the ship, but you are basically putting the blocks together for the outer ship, then taking that construct over as your ‘avatar’ for flight mode. It’s okay. Flew to a planet, crash landed softly. grabbed some desert blocks and took off again.

You can get more creative with ships. You do essentially jump inside one specific block generally the core or whatever it’s called but its entirely possible to build full cabins with artificial gravity and walk around inside. You can house the core in the middle and attach a ‘cockpit’ block to the front to put the point of view there when you are flying it.

I don’t have much experince and its still pretty early in development but tearing apart space stations for glass and other expensive bits is a good way to get cubes you can sell to stores and get whatever you want. Of course you can always incorporate those cubes directly into your ship.

Tom M

I’m not a fan of building really – I just wanna fly ships, not build 'em – so I’ve not delved too much into this. Glad its getting some attention though.

Ah-hah! Thank you. It never occurred to me to make the core something like a control panel in the ship and build around it that way.

Put anywhere a cockpit cube, use arrow keys to move from your control cube to the cokpit. That way the control cube dont need to be exposed.
Its a interesting game. I am finding myself day-dreaming about possible designs and things to do, specially now that is more popular game. Theres also texture packs that improbe the graphics.


I’ve been enjoying this over the past few days. It scratches my sci-fi naval engineer itch in a way few games do. Between building a two-deck missile boat and a mining ship, I started putting together a yacht with some room for a little runabout, and I’m currently poking around at the docking mechanics for a hangar deck while I rope some friends into playing with me.

There’s not a ton of meat to the game yet, but I’m okay with that. Starship Lego is good enough for me.

Space Engineers just released today, but we don’t know anything about it (really) but is like StarMade, with prettier graphics, more detailed world and physics, from a company with a bad track record of dealing with the public.

My love for StarMade faded with time, since I don’t want to play a game like StarMade in singleplayer, and servers are very unstable. The way the game works, you could be building a small 20 cubes ship, and in the other side of the univese a pair of friends could be crashing 50.000 blocks capital ships for fun. Is too much like Garris Mod for his own good (=read: the potential for the players to break the server). It don’t help that you can get billions from a simple heist.

I hope down the road StarMade become more stable and with a stablished community around it, … maybe Space Engineers is a good game, that scratch similar inchs.

Space Engineers is from the same folk who made the craptastic Miner Wars 2081, which makes me totes concerned about it.

I will not touch Space Engineers.

Yeah, I got burned bad by Miner Wars. I bought into it extremely early, and they didn’t deliver 90% of what they promised. Very leery of this one.

The buzz on Space Engineers in the Steam forums is pretty positive, which says something in its favor. That said, StarMade is free, and free goes a long way for me when it comes to construction sets.

Edit: of course, game devs moderate their own Steam forums, and…

I watched a video of Space Engineers. It looks like you simply rub your welder on a preset ship and it magically gets bigger? Doesn’t seem much like these other games.

In the year or so since one of these posts has been bumped, StarMade has added a bunch: d12-shaped planets, a much wider variety in weapons, and FTL. Now that those systems, and some core tweaks/upgrades, have been finished, the developer is moving on toward making the universe more alive. Creatures, AI, and more dynamic factions and relations are on the list.

Sweet, thanks for the update!

That sounds awesome. This totally flew under my radar (I think I was conflating it with Blockade Runner?), please keep us up to date on how it’s progressing!

Recent updates have tweaked the crafting system to be a little more usable, although it still needs either vastly greater resource gathering yields or vastly cheaper recipes to be worth using over pirate hunting. For my personal server, I tweaked the settings to make the sectors (i.e. the Minecraft chunk analog) a whole lot bigger, so things are more spread out, and made FTL longer-ranged. I’ve now been further from my home base than ever before. Space feels properly vast in comparison to before. The developer promises ‘something special’ in the next update, which sounds neat.

Still more an I-want-to-build-spaceships game than a to-boldly-go game, but it’s progressing, and with a few more patches of refinement, I think the economic playstyle will finally be viable.

Oblig. spaceship shot

0.18 is now out. You now have an actual galaxy to fly around in. There are suns, with planets and asteroid belts around them, in some sectors.

I really like this game, but I’m worried the devs are putting in all these amazing features while neglecting really basic UI/feedback stuff. Maybe they figure it will be really easy to put in later.

And it just dropped on Steam:

The demo is still, for the moment, the full game, as this is not Early Access, it’s Early Alpha.

Not sure if eleventy quadrillion galaxies is gonna be enough though.

Ten months later, StarMade is yet again a different game. More economics tweaks and yadda yadda, but let’s skip that and get to the headline features.

  1. Rails. Which is to say, you can make moving parts: a tram system to get around your space station, slowly-opening cargo bay doors, an underground hangar platform that rises through doors on the surface, and so on. They’re also the new docking system, which removes the box-based limitation of the old system. Each turret axis is separate, too, so you can build a turret base with cutouts for gun barrels, then build the gun barrels and dock them inside the turret. The turret base spins, and the guns elevate. The system lends itself to extraordinary versatility and creativity. I don’t have the time to build like some people do, but it’s crazy what people are accomplishing with it.

  2. Shipyards. Build a structure out of shipyard blocks, and within its confines, you can build in creative mode, with access to every block. Put those blocks into the shipyard computer later, and the shipyard will build the ship. If you have the design item saved, you can repair a damaged ship to spec.

  3. Combat changes. No longer do you drill through a ship directly for the core. You have three health bars: shield hitpoints, which function as before; armor hitpoints, which take a portion of the damage when weapons hit an unshielded armor block; and structure hitpoints, which come from system blocks (shields, power, engines, etc) in the ship and take damage from hits to system blocks. Once you take enough structure damage, your ship’s performance starts to degrade, and you lose functionality from the damaged systems and overall as damage gremlins start to show their heads. Turrets, AI, and missiles now target systems instead of the ship core, and generally, combat ends up being a much punchier affair, and the result is more aesthetically pleasing: no more apple-corer damage; instead, you have battle scars all over.

They’ve also done some UI cleanup since the last update in this thread. It’s less inscrutable now, but it’s still not amazing. The build mode has seen some highly useful improvements, like the ability to build a docked entity directly from the host entity.