Star Ocean 2 Remake Announced. Yes, the good one!

Trailer for the remake just dropped during the Nintendo Direct:

Switch/PS4/PS5/Steam confirmed.

The original Star Ocean 2 release on the first PlayStation is considered one of the best RPGs of that era. It was a personal favorite of mine. It featured nice 2D sprite characters on prerendered 3D backgrounds, and the new visual design appears to be keeping with that idea, using detailed 3D environments and chunky character sprites married with flashy lighting effects.

Release date is November 2nd, 2023.

EDIT: Other platforms announced.

The fourth one is the only good one.

A demo launched today on PlayStation, Switch, and Steam. You can play from the beginning for 3 hours. The game looks incredibly clean on PS5 from what I’ve played so far. Very much looking forward to the full release.

Reviews are out and nearly all are pretty positive. As far as Star Ocean goes, I only played a bit of 4 and it really didn’t work for me back then. Not even quite sure why, I think at the time I felt like the game didn’t respect my time for whatever reason. It doesn’t help that I’m not a fan of random encounters, spread out checkpoints, etc. It seems this remake makes 2 more palatable to current day audiences (with many QoL changes), so I’m looking forward to that!

My impression of Star Ocean is as a less fun version of the Tales series. That’s if I’m even thinking of the right game - I think I only played Star Ocean 4 (on the PS2) and one of the 16 bit ones, but can’t remember which. Combat was OK, but I felt there was to much of it and general pacing was really slow.

This thread has “the, good one!” in the title, so I take it to mean the others weren’t good and I should give this a shot?

The original Star Ocean 1 wasn’t released in the US, though there were translation ROM patches around even 20ish years ago. 3 was fine but a step down from 2, and anything after was much more miss than hit. I haven’t played 2 since it initially came out for the PS1, but I remember liking it more than I’ve liked basically all of the Tales games. (Tales games are kind of replacement-level JRPGs for me, I was never sad about playing them back pre-kids, and I even managed to squeeze in and quite like most of Arise more recently, but I don’t think I’d put any of them on my top [insert any reasonable number here] list of best JRPGs.)

A big part of what I liked about 2 is that there was a lot going on with skills, crafting, etc that was beyond what else was typical at the time, though of course all of that is nothing novel at this point. It also had a lot of story stuff that, at least on the surface, tweaked things in response to your choices; again, nothing as complex as what we see in some more modern games, but enough to feel important at the time. I’m glad this is getting good reviews thus far and I’m curious to see if it holds up.

Wasn’t the first one released on the PSP? Or rather, a remake of it? That might be the one I played. First Departure.

Yes, there was a PSP remake of 1 that was then further ported to at least the Switch at some point… I have no idea what they updated relative to the original, which was late-era SNES through and through.

I’ll probably get this based on the reviews. I haven’t finished a JRPG in YEARS and have a ton of them on my backlog, yet can’t help myself.

I feel like I need to pick up every release, because often it’s happened where I skip out on something, and a couple of years later, price is ridiculously high on both Amazon and Ebay. It happened just recently with Labyrinth of Galleria on Switch (which hasn’t even been out a year) and is already $72 on Amazon!

There were PSP remakes of both 1 and 2, actually. The first got ported to modern consoles, but 2 never showed up because they opted for this more complete remake instead. For PSP they updated the backgrounds, character art, and added anime cutscenes.