Star Realms - Qt3 league

delirium over Mithrophon


Don’t worry, it is only a game. Win or lose doesn’t matter, the important thing is to have fun … but I have much more fun when I win ;)

When I chose Mithrophon I said “because I know he’s gonna get his shit together”.

God knows… Every single game, feels like I’m one turn away. Losing 18-4, 10-7, 18-14

We shall double our efforts. This station will be operational as planned.

And of course clyve just picks up Brain World on turn 6…

Sorry captain. But don’t worry, Ron’s got my back.

I believe in you! And I would never trade you midseason for a future third round draft pick.

Ah, the dreaded “vote of confidence”. I feel like Jay Cutler…

clyve > Mithrophon

The only things that went wrong for me in this game were

1- I didn’t have enough cards in my deck and my “draw card” abilities were wasted in the last turn, limiting my total damage to 62 :(

2 - I left too many base cards in the middle so my blobber “claim any ship” ability also went wasted :(

Kl3mnop approves this post!

Kl3mnop > ron
“We put that Rocket Engine up to full throttle and left some Ponie in the dust”

That was a hard game to figure, Kl3mnop. You got a lot of mileage out of the Mech world and later the recycler. My cards were not nearly as bad as the final score would suggest (it was something like 41/-6), but they refused to play well together. I had 24 damage plus 2 card draws sitting in my hand at the end - but even that would have only made a dent.

Mech World, requiring 6 swords to knock it out, can be a real pain in the ass early. Which buys time to get the rest of the deck more finely tuned even if the synergy play isn’t great (and mine wasn’t).

I’m becoming less and less a fan of the bases which can be knocked out with 4 swords. They just become draw-clutter after a while. At least that’s my current plan with this stoopid game.

Swords? This is space! Photons or lasers but not swords sir!

Is craiggiarc craiggiarc? I think not! Alieninca?

Oops! Right


Mithrophon over Beatrix
Man, what a game. I finally won it on turn 30, after having been beaten down to low-teens honor points halfway through. Fun fight.

;) ;)

JoshL > ron
JoshL > Vormithrax

Dem’ bones, dem’ bones, dem’ Hambones!

p.s. Am I the only one who can’t say “Vormithrax” without following it with “Pejorative”?

Kl3mnop > Beatrix
Mmmmmmm. Ham. For Christmas!

Tough day at Star Command HQ for me. This game was a dink-fest. We had nearly identical, totally unimpressive hands. The difference was simply that your 2 yellows and 2 greens always came out YY and GG while my 2 yellows and 2 reds always came out YR and YR.