Star Realms - The Academy

Welcome to the latest Qt3 Star Realms tournament! It ends November 30, but you can join at any time.

The Players

Use this key to see what decks players are willing to use:

  • G = Gambits
  • 1 = Promos
  • B = Bases
  • E = Events
  • H = Heroes
  • F = Fleets

Level 6 - Captain

ineffablebob, Decks: 1BHF, Member: Star Empire, Prestige: 60, Stars: 4
CaseyRobinson (SR: CapnCostello), Decks: 1BHF, Member: Machine Cult, Prestige: 59, Stars: 0

Level 5 - Commander

Thraeg, Decks: Any, Member: Trade Federation, Prestige: 49, Stars: 4
ron_debry (SR: ron), Decks: 1B, Member: Blob, Prestige: 37, Stars: 1
gpxxxtreme, Decks: Any, Member: Machine Cult, Prestige: 44, Stars: 3

Level 4 - Lieutenant

Dave Perkins (SR: ananab tilps), Decks: 1B, Member: Machine Cult, Prestige: 46, Stars: 1

Level 3 - Lieutenant Junior Grade

Zebracadabra, Decks: Any, Member: Star Empire, Prestige: 9, Stars: 2
robthomasson, Decks: 1BHF, Member: Blob, Prestige: 9, Stars: 0

Level 2 - Ensign

Craiggiarc (SR: AlienInCA), Decks: Any, Member: Blob, Prestige: 2, Stars: 1

Level 1 - Applicant

ankamela (SR: anniepeeps), Decks: Any, Alignment: Trade Federation, Prestige: 0, Stars: 0

It is the year 2040, the not-too-distant future. Things are very different now. We have made contact with the inhabitants of a planet that orbits a star 5.5 light years from our own. We call them The Vapors and they call us (loosely translated) The Sticks. We had little science to offer them, but they eagerly traded their technical knowledge for what we call the arts: music, in particular, delights them.

With their advanced science, we have constructed several stations that orbit Earth, and one that orbits Mars. On the station UNEF Michelle Obama is an Academy where humans train to become Fleet Captains.

You are 35 years old, physically capable, with two advanced degrees. Your application was enthusiastically accepted by all four Schools. Will you enroll? If so, please choose a School with which to align, and tell us your Star Realms nickname!


Trade Federation (Blue)
Machine Cult (Red)
Blob (Green)
Star Empire (Yellow)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join?
A: Just announce yourself in the thread. Tell us your Star Realms nickname, and which decks you’re willing to play with.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Make one challenge to anyone else who is currently playing. Please do not make a new challenge until that game is finished. You may end up playing in more than one game, however, as other players might challenge you.

If you have at least one star at the time of your challenge, you may spend it as you make your challenge in order to double your Prestige reward.

Please do not concede games, or prolong games when you have lethal damage in play.

Q: What decks should we use?
A: See the Player list in the opening post for what people prefer to use.

Q: What happens if I win?
A: Announce the result in boldface in this thread. You will earn:

  • One star toward promotion.
  • A number of Prestige equal to the Level of the person you defeated.

Please note the amount of Prestige that you deserve after each win. The Level of your opponent is determined by his or her level at the time of the challenge, not at the game’s conclusion.

Q: What are stars for?
A: Everyone starts at Level 1 - Applicant. To be promoted from Level N, you need to accumulate N stars. Once your are promoted up a level, your stars are reset to zero. Prestige is unrelated to promotion.

Q: What are the Schools about?
A: You have been accepted by your chosen School, but that does not automatically make you a member. To become a member of a School, you must achieve one of these benchmarks:

  • Trade Federation: Win a game with 75+ authority remaining.
  • Machine Cult: Banish all 10 starter cards, and win.
  • Blob: Win a game by 50+ points.
  • Star Empire: Make your opponent discard 4+ cards during a win.

When you enter the Academy, you will be aligned with one of the four Schools, based on your personal decision. Your benchmark for that particular School is a bit easier to achieve:

  • Trade Federation: Win a game with 50+ authority remaining.
  • Machine Cult: Banish 8+ starter cards, and win.
  • Blob: Win a game by 35+ points.
  • Star Empire: Make your opponent discard 3+ cards during a win.

Q: What are the benefits of being a member of a School?
A: At tournament end, the players from each School who have the highest Prestige will represent their Schools in the Final Trials. The winner William automatically be awarded the title of Fleet Captain, and will be transported immediately to the UNEF Malala Yousafzai (in orbit around Mars) for further training.

Q: What if I qualify for another School after becoming a member of a School?
A: You may, at that moment, change Schools. But you must decide immediately.

Q: What is the endgame?
A: This is how the training will conclude:

  • To enter the final “playoffs” on November 30, you must be a Member (not simply Aligned) with one of the four schools.

  • The two Members of each School who have the highest prestige will represent the School in the playoffs. Ties will be broken by combat.

  • If a School has fewer than two representatives, then so be it.

Reserved for History

My mother wants me to align with Machine Cult, because she thinks that a concentration in Red in high school might have earned me an All-State spot, but my father has been a lifer in Trade Federation since 2019, so that’s where I plan to hang my hat.

I am willing to play with Promos and Bases for now.

Ready for challenges!

CapnCostello here, fervent adherent to the Machine Cult doctrines. I’ll play with any combination of PBHF (1BHF if you prefer, which I do.)

@Dave_Perkins: Gauntlet thrown.

Excellent! Both at Level 1 at the time of challenge.

Blobs are slimy, those Trade Feds like their own authority a bit too much, and the Machine Cult gets a little too close to their favorite machines. But the mighty Star Empire suffers from nothing!

SR name ineffablebob, prefer 1BHF but will play any combination you care to throw at me

There is nowhere to hide for @CaseyRobinson, or whatever name you choose to call yourself. Challenge sent!

SR name ron, will play Promos and Bases. Will join blob, because they had pizza at the recruiting fair.

Challenge to @ineffablebob
Level 1 vs Level 1

Welcome to the new students, @gruntled and @ineffablebob! lol at pizza

Dave > Casey to gain a Level and 1 Prestige. I also banished my entire starter deck and will happily accept membership in the Machine Cult.

That did NOT play like two noobs poking each other.

Ow, so close to my goal too.

@gruntled, Challenge inbound.

SR name Thraeg. I’ll play any combination, and will join up with the Blob and challenge Dave.

Welcome to the Academy @Thraeg!

I’ve had to take a break for a while, but I’m back and ready to play…once I understand whats going on!

I’ll be joining the Blobs and in class you may call me AlienInCA.

I will play any combination of G1BEHF.

@Thraeg challenge incoming, I’ll see you outside.

Casey > Ron, and I believe 9 scrapped starters is enough to impress the Machine Cult given my existing affiliation.

1 star and 1 prestige, earned and totals. (These aren’t lost ever, right?)

@craiggiarc, challenge inbound.

In high school, they often called me “yellow.”

Now they up and call me Speedoo, But my real name is Mister Earl ( But that was a few hundred years ago, only months before I was granted immortal status by the Star Empire and our association has lasted since my graduation day. I have all the requisite experience and expansions available.

I am challenging the entity known as the Thraeg.

That must have been someone else, because I just came here to report
ron > Casey 45 : -1 +1 level, +1 prestige
Which is over the 1st-tier benchmark for blobs

It’s crazy how we have hit three benchmarks already!

He means casey > ineffablebob, since I was one damage short of the win and he killed me the next turn.

Thanks @ineffablebob.

Correct, @casey, stars and prestige cannot be lost. At least, under the current low-level rules!