Star Realms - The Academy

Challenging @gruntled in revenge for… something from the past. An asylum. It wasn’t us. It was our grandfathers. There were short sentences. What am I thinking of…?!

Both at Level 2 at time of challenge!

Yes, this, sorry.

gpxxxtreme here. Joining the Machine Cult Will play any combination of G1BEHF

Ron challenge incoming!

AlienInCA (craiggiarc) 58 CaseyRobinson: (CapnCostello) - 3

AlienInCA (craiggiarc) earns 1 star
AlienInCA (craiggiarc) earns 1 prestige points

With a 61 point win AlienInCA (craiggiarc) joins the Blob Academy

Challenge inbound for @Zebracadabra

robthomasson enters the fray. Vital Statistics are Machine Cult and 1BHF.

I will throw my first gauntlet at the aptly named AlienInCA.

This aggression will not stand, man.

@gpxxxtreme, challenge on the way.

Welcome to @robthomasson! You’ll be bunking with @gruntled. He can show you where the cafeteria is.

I tweaked a rule to make it say what I originally meant: To be promoted from Level N, you must earn N stars.

And Prestige is related to in-story Level, not in-game, so @craiggiarc earns 1 Prestige for beating Casey, who was at Level 1.

Blob and Federation hopefuls, now is probably the time to challenge me. I’m not just losing recently, I’m losing tremendously.

Thraeg 37 > craiggiarc 0

Thraeg 23 > Ananabtilps 27, achieving the 50-point spread to earn entry into the Blob.

Speaking of which, Dave, is it intentional for the Federation goals to be strictly harder than the Blob’s?

New challenge to CapnCostello.

ineffablebob steals some of @gruntled’s pizza, 27-0. Hooray, level 2! No benchmarks achieved, though.

Challenge sent to @Thraeg! (Both of us at level 2)

That loss was my challenge, so I have a new one to issue: @craiggiarc

Casey > Thraeg, +1 star for 1, +2 prestige for 3.

I’m caught up! And I’m auto-awarding +1 Prestige for each win. It’s up to you all to let me know if you deserve more.

@Thraeg, my bad on the disparity between Blob and Federation requirements, although I’m okay with them being different to some degree. It will just mean that there’s likely to be fierce competition in Blob School, and Federation can be a quiet place for anyone who manages to get in there.

Casey > @gpxxxtreme

+1 star for Rank 3 and +1 Prestige for 4.

challenge inbound to @Zebracadabra

@CaseyRobinson, would you like to make up the title for Level 3, as you’re the first one there?

ron > perkins;
if I have figured out the academy lingo and kept track correctly, that makes
+2 prestige = 3 total and
1/2 stars toward the next level

If you’re Level 2, then you only need 2 stars for promotion.

Let’s stick with US Naval tradition for now and call it Lieutenant Junior Grade.

gpxxxtreme 26 Ron -2

gpxxxtreme earns 1 star
gpxxxtreme earns 2 prestige points

Banished 8+ starter cards. gpxxxtreme remains with the Machine Cult

Challenge inbound for @craiggiarc

ineffablebob (lvl 2) defeats @Thraeg (lvl 2), 24 to -10
ineffablebob earns 1 star
ineffablebob earns 2 prestige points

Challenge sent to @CaseyRobinson, because challenging our only Lt JG (thus far) seems like the path to advancement!