Star Realms

This is now out for PC, so only the iOS version is still waiting.

I’m in on PC for now. Let’s get some games going!

Does it have cross-platform play?

Downloading the android version now.

Is this the card game I used to love, that SOE had?

no Razgon, it’s a card game like Ascension only more combatty

Not sure if cross platform play is in, want to say no but I may be wrong. It does have cross platform purchase though, buy it once and own it for all 4 platforms

Yes, it is nice they give you all platforms for $5. I will probably pick it up in any case (I’ve played it once f2f). But of those four platforms, I can only play it on PC, and my friends are likely to only play it on… well, actually they’re only likely to play it on iOS, so I guess I’ll have to wait for that if I want to play with them.

Downloaded and played first level of the campaign, like the Ui so far. Evidently I have been playing the physical version wrong. I thought for cards that had the trash symbol you could either trash it to get that benefit or play it on your turn… Not both.

Interesting game, plays kind of like Dominion (the card game, that is). The 8 cost cards are… spectacularly horrifying. As they should be. For 15 bucks, I went ahead and ordered a copy for home play. So I guess their little demo worked on me. Don’t have much of a desire to play this with strangers online, but I can think of a few friends that would enjoy playing this. Is it me or does it seem like it is better to go 2nd?

I assume you’re thinking Star Chamber?

Really liking this game. Is anybody around that wants to play live?

Star Chamber was a great game.

Thank you! That was it and yes, it was an awesome game. I’ll leave you guys to your other game now ;-)

I am Geewhiz, so send me a challenge!

I actually own two decks - but have not yet played it with four.

The app is great so far - not sure but will it also allow four players or some of the alternative game types?

Vormithrax is available for challenges also.

New to the game so be gentle while i climb the learning cliff.

Sending invites. My username is delirium.

This game is fun!

Good match delerium. I thought i had you but couldn’t finish you off with my lack of offense those last few turns.

Are you glad there is no way to communicate in the game? At least not that I can find. Wish there was a way to at least say hello or good game.

i find in game chat a mixed blessing and don’t miss it much in short games such as this one. It’s nice with friendly folks but the possibility of abusive/rude comments from random matches can worry some people enough that they dont even take the chance of playing those types of games.

Heh, i have a very bad feeling about this current game GeeWhiz…