Star Realms

gg GeeWhiz. I went full blob :)

Ha - kind of funny seeing the game icon turn gray stating YOU HAVE LOST! I wonder if they should let you see the loss happen! :) Hard to see the last turn you did as well it went so fast.

I really have to develop a more grand strategy. I am taking what looks good at the moment! :)

Once I get a better idea what all the cards are I may pose a challenge.

That did the trick, thank you!

My Star Realms name is Lykurgos. Any QT3 challenges most welcome!

Challenges sent to:

Mysterio (hey, we used to play Hero Academy right?)

Feel free to decline if you ain’t seeking another game, especially because I’m a euro-land guy so our game time may not line up well.

Thanks for the game Vormithrax - I got a bit lucky with my yellow cards. Those discards / extra draws can really begin to run-away if you get a hand full of them. I hate it when the AI does that!

I’ve got chores to do now but rematch me if you’d like, I’ll return later :-)

Ugh, that was ugly. I couldn’t get anything going. Thanks for the game. I’m out for the night.

Challenge sent.

Also, everybody should check out the League of Leaguelets thread since the Star Realms league will start in a week or so:

And I put up all the cards on imgur which should make it easier to learn them:

Yeah, it’s supposedly 48 hours but I haven’t tested it yet. And there are more than 4 games listed, you can click the right arrow icon to browse through all of them (though they disappear after being finished for X days). And contrary to you I prefer having the last game with an event being listed first. :)

Grabbed the demo for PC, decided I liked it enough to buy it… and their paypal account is not able to receive funds right now.

Since I do not have an android device, I guess I will wait for the issue to be resolved, or the IOS version to make it to the store.

I just bought it, Jarrodhk, so you should be able to buy it now.

Speaking of which, I’m DennyA in the game. Need to look through the tutorials, but anxious to start playing with you guys.

Love that there’s a Windows version, so I can play on my Surface. Biggest annoyance with Ascension is I need my iPad (since it’s insanely tiny on my phone), and I have my Surface Pro 3 with me a lot more often.


Good game! Whew, you pounded me on that last turn!

Yep, looks like they got the problem resolved. I’m Jarrodhk.

I’m rowe - feel free to challenge me. Looking forward to the ipad version but I’m trying it out on PC for now.

Thanks for the link to the leaguelets, Brakara!

Some of you have joined up. The rest of you are dead to me… for now! :D

Challenge sent, ex-Hero Academy opponent #2!

I joined, so that makes me undead, woohoo!

I’ve got it now, and my SR name is justfletch. Feel free to challenge!

Correct! I still need to learn this game before I accept challenges, though.

Everyone is doing a crappy job of playing their Star Realms games versus me RIGHT NOW.

gg Vormithrax! Interesting how it played out where I ended up with only a handful of high powered ships, while you had a bazillion cheaper ships. On that last turn, I drew exactly enough power to kill you and waited for you take your turn. Looking at the options available, you had 3 or 4 cards you could draw that would pretty much end me, and also a base which would give you an extra turn which would likely seal it. Somehow you drew none of them and I ended up taking the win.

Heh, yeah…that last draw of mine was a big bag of disappointment. Not sure it would have been possible to draw a more useless hand from my available cards.

Downloaded the game a few days ago. Love it so far.
One thing that i worry a bit over is the intense broken starts you can get. I got a turn 3 base that allowed me to ban 2 cards (either discard pile or hand) AND let me draw 2 cards as well. Granted, this is probably rare and you can get broken starts in Ascension as well, but so far it seems more common in Star Realms to get pretty insane openers.
That being said, i am still burned out on Ascension and this is a more then welcome replacement game for it :)