Star Ruler 2 - A Beginner's Attempt to Conquer the Galaxy!

Cheers @cicobuff, only just caught it with minutes to spare.

Hey cicobuff,

I created an account on this forum with the sole purpose of thanking you for your awesome and comprehensive guide for SR2.

Long-time fan of 4x (CrusaderKings, EuropaUniversalis, Distant Worlds, Stellaris, Endless Space, etc.) I’ve just picked it up recently (it went waaaay under my radar) and had my little mind blown by the reinvented mechanics.

I can imagine how complex it can be to be able to explain all of the above so efficiently - I tip my hat to you, sir, and thank you!

@cicobuff really did a fantastic job.

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum! Also, you have great taste in games. ;)

Yeah, if you can get into SR2, you are a perfect fit for this forum.

@AdrianB, welcome to the forum. And enjoy the game!

Not so fast. We need to find out if he likes movies about gladiators first.

And spartans. Or zombies. I’m not sure.