Star Ruler 2

Didn’t anything substantial ever come of the open sourcing of this? Big mods, patches, etc?

You can buy political cards that gives you vision over the enemy, great stuff.
Remember big ship needs big support, scale everything, the smaller ships pack a good punch.

I fired up the game last night to discover my custom ship designs were gone. SR2 is installed on my D: drive, but apparently it saves the ship designs (and saved games) on the C: drive. I lost them when formatting the drive while installing Windows 10. It’s not the end of the world, just something to keep in mind for anyone who wants to back up their customized designs.

I’m following @cicobuff 's excellent tutorial. I prefer to play at a relatively low resolution, 1280 x 800, and thus the UI hides from me the level requirements for a selected planet. I see that info is available under the community tab, but it would be nice to have it on the planet itself, even if I had to scroll down to see it. Is there any option to see this info?

I’d especially like that info when evaluating whether to colonize a planet. I don’t want to colonize it if I can’t bring it to level I or II. Maybe I’ll quickly memorize those requirements as I play?

Other than that, I’m quite enjoying it.

All normal planets have the same resource requirements to level up. You can see the requirements on the planet screen:

The right circled area shows the resources needed for each level. This particular planet is already importing the resources needed to reach level one. You can mouse over each icon, and a tooltip will show information on the resource needed or details on the resource being imported.

The left circled area shows the resources needed to reach the next level. Once again, you can mouse over each icon for more information on the resource type needed.

This screen may look different if you’re playing a mechanized race like Mono. Can’t remember offhand.


This is for Mono

Thanks, guys. @J_Thomas, the portion you’ve circled in the lower-right does not appear in lower resolutions like 1200 x 800. For some inexplicable reason, the game designers omit that info at lower resolutions. I can see it if I increase the resolution to 1920 x 1280, but the higher resolution makes everything a bit too small for my aging eyes.

So have you experimented much with influence-based victory? Or the score victory? I really enjoy the economic system, and while I enjoy space combat as much as anyone, I tend to prefer to play 4X games as a builder.

Edit: Actually, I think I might also like the tower-defense mode in the expansion. Have you tried that?

I think my biggest issue with the game was understanding what was going on in combat. I never kknow what kind or how many of the ship types I should build. I’m not sure if I was just missing feedback in the UI or it is just one of the more opaque systems in the game.

You and me both. There’s a lot of knobs to tune, even before research.

I have never experienced an Influence based victory myself ha. Always ended up gaining victories in war or getting wiped.

The Invasion mode (tower defence) is what I usually play. The rush to avoid not to get overwhelmed by the ever more powerful fleets is great for me.

Thanks for your reply. Invasion mode does sound fun. That requires the DLC, yes? Also, do you ever “win” it, or do you just keep going until defeated?

The Invasion mode needs the DLC.

In invasion mode, you start off with 3 systems you have to defend. There is a defence base in each one of them. In addition, you have a home system.

In intervals, the AI will send a fleet of increasing strength to one of the 3 systems. If you defeat the fleet, you’ll get an orb where you can use to boost your economy.

Meanwhile you’ll go around colonizing the rest of the systems as normal.

You dont get to “win” because there is no win condition, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be wiped out by 70+ Strength enemies. I think the farthest I got was Strength 68 in easy mode. The AI ships at that strength are bigger than planets! They basically 1 shot most things you throw at them. But it’s fun getting there!

Did you ever make sense of the battles?

Yea, it gets very, very hectic.

Although you will kind of get a sense of what is happening once you intentionally start to build your ship designs in certain way.

Typically, I am not so concerned with the vanilla designs. I start to take notice of how effective my weapons are when I start to specifically design against the AI’s powered up ships.

This happens in Invasion mode, because the enemy gets extremely powerful, I’m forced to start utilizing things like shielded starbases, spinal mounts, particle lances, drones etc.

And because I designed them specifically, I slow down the game speed to take note of how effective the weapon systems are in the new design.

So I think that helps. In a counter intuitive way, the Invasion mode actually encourages paying more attention to the battles. I would have thought that the hectic nature of the Invasion mode would discourage attention to battles!

This is pretty cool of them:

Welcome to a few years (?) ago. Shame a community patch hasn’t materialized - I dropped into the discord occasionally and sensed frustration with some of the base code design decisions. But yes, I think it is a very cool decision nonetheless.

I probably should have searched the thread, sorry.

It’s fine. All is forgiven, because any reason this thread gets bumped is valid as long as people get to see that this is a cool game.

Yes. An undervalued gem! It is sad when a game like this with innovative ideas that depart from the stereotypical 4x tropes sinks into obscurity.