Star Trek 2 (2013) teaser trailer

Not much really, but a few subtle hints on the 2013 sequel to the Star Trek … prequel of 2 year ago.


Any idea what/who that last character is/was? Almost looks like a data android.

I see the words “fan made” all over that link and the youtube video page. Perhaps this is not an actual teaser trailer?

Saw this a few months ago. They keep saying it’s not Kahn and that he’s not the bad guy, but I don’t know anyone else it could be.

Unless they’re going to do something crazy, like have him turn out to be a good guy and save the day from whoever the real villain is (Klingons)? This is after all alternate universe Star Trek.

The one major thing I like a bout this alternate universe is that bad stuff happens and there are real consequences.

ex: Vuclan is gone , and no time travel magics used to save the day.

This is a fan trailer.