Star Trek Cruise!


Hey folks, I asked Tom and he said this was cool. I wanted to let you know that we are running a nice deal on our upcoming Star Trek Cruises Jan 5-11 and 11-17 2018 – yes, we have two of them!

We have George Takei, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Karl Urban, Lavar Burton, Michael Dorn, John De Lancie, and many others on the cruise for the entire six days. Information Society is the musical guest.

Anyway, we have two-for-one pricing on remaining cabins. For example, an inside cabin would be a total cost of $1435 for two people. That includes dining and all the entertainment too. Balconies are $2435 total cost.

My company has been doing theme cruises for 18 years now. We have done them longer than anyone else. We redecorate the ship and do a lot of fun things. We’ve even renamed the restaurants on the ship – who doesn’t want to order a James Tea Kirk or be a part of our Klingon Pub Crawl?

I just wanted to let people know. We probably won’t have pricing like this again. For our 2019 Star Trek Cruise we are going back to one cruise instead of two it looks like.

(And in case you are wondering what else we do, we have three different jazz cruises going out with some of the biggest names in the business. Our Blue Note at Sea cruise has a combined 50+ Grammys on it. We also have an 80s Cruise with a lot a bands that’s really a ton of fun.)


OMG Information Society!


Yeah, they are good. We had them on our recent 80s Cruise this past February and they were great. They love Star Trek too. They have a running video show playing while they play, and they feature a lot of Trek clips in it. I had to laugh when I briefly saw that clip of Kirk fighting the lizard and the lizard throws the paper mache rock at Kirk. They are huge fans of Star Trek. I got to know one of them, Zeke, a bit – well, I ran into him at a bar at one of the ports of call and we talked for about an hour while we drank whatever it was the bartender was foisting on us. He hosted a Star Trek Trivia contest on the cruise. He’s a cool guy.


That is a killer cast lineup.


Yeah, and most of them do a good job of mixing with the guests during the week. They all perform. For example, we had James Darren on the first one. He did his Rat Pack nightclub act from his holodeck character and sang. A couple of the actors got together and did a comedy show. A few got together and did a kind of Mystery Science Fiction Theater thing to one of the Next Gen episodes. Up on top of the ship there’s a big screen so we show episodes and movies. It’s a very active cruise compared to a normal cruise. We have an all-day schedule of events starting in the morning when we are out at sea.

And, of course there’s a lot of cosplay. The fans really enjoy dressing up. My job is sales and customer service so I get to answer questions like, “Is it ok if I bring my Klingon bat’leth on the ship?”


Hopefully that answer is YES!

I have a co-worker that could easily be Chase Masterson’s twin. Sadly no interest in anything TREK related, or me. But one can dream. :p


Jesus, Information Society is still a thing???

“I want to know, what you’re feeling, tell me what’s on your mind!”


You shut the hell up Information Society are amazing!

I so wish I could do this, but it isn’t in the cards. This year at least.


The wife and I have been following this since last year. If money was less tight we’d be there.


I met George Takei at a Popular Culture Association national conference a few years ago. Seems his address was slated for the same time my presentation was, and hence, let’s just say that more people went to hear him than to hear me, understandably. The next morning, in the hotel’s fitness center, I ran into him. I jokingly accused him of stealing all of my audience. He laughed, and I got a picture with him. If I can find it on one of my old phones. Seemed like a real nice guy.


He’s supposed to be friendly. Shatner, who we had on our inaugural cruise, was not. He wouldn’t talk to people. Just refused to even say hi.

I met Takei briefly at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention. We had a booth and he came by to do a quick video promo for the cruise. He does come across as nice.


Oh, if only I had a spare couple grand and the ability to take a chunk of time off work.

As an aside, I had a random run-in with Shatner, once. While I knew it was probably pretty much a schtick, he was funny as hell for the five or ten minutes we chatted.


He’s the nicest guy. First met him at my second Trek con when I was 11. He was the first celebrity for whom I ever waited in line to get something signed. All I had was the vinyl of Star Trekkin’. I get up there, he smiles and goes, “Oh, I know this song!” And then sings half the song with much of the line joining in. I was floored.

I ran into him at another con a year later and he remembered me. Asked me if I still had record, how’s school, all that stuff.

Fucking class act, that guy.


To be fair to him, he was 85 or so on our cruise. I didn’t expect him to talk much. That’s sort of his reputation now. Apparently he’s tired of Star Trek, which is understandable, but OTOH it’s made him many millions at these fan events like our cruise.

He did help us sell a lot of cabins. We sold out the ship in 40 days after we announced the cruise.


Ah, no kids under 13, otherwise it would be tempting. Actually that kind of makes it even more tempting, just not an option =)


That’s amazing!
You do still have the record, right?


I worked the Las Vegas Star Trek convention and Garret Wang was there selling shirts and signing. I chatted with him a bit. He does a great George Takei impersonation. As part of his impersonation he does a schtick about Takei remembering all kinds of little details about the people he has talked to. So I guess it’s true.



That’s amazing. Do you work for Creation?


Just now noticed this thread, this sounds so great! To be honest I don’t think you would want me on that boat, I’d stalk Jeffrey Combs constantly and you’d probably end up having to call the cops.