Star Trek Cruise!


No. We had a booth at the show to promote the cruise. Our partner for the cruise is CBS. We’re an independent company.


We skip the trial and just quarantine! No Klingon Pub Crawl for you!


Man, Klingons make the best drinks. And the worst. Don’t let them talk you into a Batleth Cleaner.


Lol I remember back in the mid 80’s my friends and I used to go to local game conventions, and crash all the parties for alcohol…One in particular was a Klingon party where they had this vat of green alcohol (who knows what was in it) with dry ice so it looked like some kind of nuclear sludge or something…


Just wanted to let people know we have reduced the price of inside cabins. They are going for $450 per person, double occupancy, so $900 total cost. That includes the cabin, complementary dining, and entertainment on the ship. All taxes, port charges, and gratuities included as well.

I doubt we will ever go this low again. We are going from two cruises back to one cruise for 2019.

Anyway, just wanted to let people know. It’s an inexpensive six-day Caribbean vacation in January which, if you are a Star Trek fan, will be a lot of fun. We really do put on great cruises.


Man, if I could get away this would be awesome. Would love to party with the Star Trek peeps.


Looks like the cruise is going well. So Jelly!


Thanks for that link. That really does look like it would be an awesome experience.


I am gratified people are enjoying it. We work all year to put these cruises. WIsh I was on these but I will work a couple of our other cruises.

So we have started announcing the lineup for the 2019 Star Trek cruise. Wil Wheaton is the headliner. Not sure who else we have signed.


Would love to go. I’d just spend the whole time trying to set up a D&D game with Wil, though, most likely.


I’d love to spend days on a cruise just playing board games with him and listening to him talk.


I do love Wil Wheaton’s YouTube series where he plays various board games with other performers and writers of various geekery. It’s gotten me to buy more than a couple board games. Dude seems like he legitimately enjoys what he does.


I was curious about Wil. He’s actually on a bit of a nerd cruise in February, one I’ve never heard of before.

It’s got gaming people on it, some writers on it – John Scalzi and Patrick Rothfus – and a lot of people I don’t recognize. I bet Wil does some gaming on it. here’s what they say in the FAQ:

Complete details can be found on our “What Is the JoCo Cruise?” page, but broadly speaking our cruise comprises:

Live Performances: Music, comedy, and more, presented in the main theater and throughout the ship

Participatory Events: Cocktail hangouts, karaoke, dance parties, meetups/drinkups with both fellow attendees and JoCo Cruise performers and invited guests

Gaming and Gaming Events: Ship-wide, non-stop tabletop gaming; plus panels, Q&As, meetups, playtesting sessions and more

Writing Events: Formal and informal gatherings, panels and meetups with bestselling authors and writers of all sorts, discussing all aspects of writing, the writing process and the creative life

Shadow Cruise Events: A multitude of events organized, planned and run by you, the JoCo Cruise Community of passengers


I have no idea why there exists a cruise with non-stop tabletop gaming, and I not know about it. I would care more about that than any amounts of alcohol.

Less likey


What the hell, a cruise with homework?


Heh. Well, people pay a lot to go to writing retreats. People are buying into the dream that a week at a workshop will turn them into published authors. A quick google finds this:

A 7 day writing cruise on Carnival, the low-end of cruise lines. It’s starring Kristen Lamb, author of " the #1 best-selling books “We Are Not Alone–The Writer’s Guide to Social Media” and “Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Writer.” Who hasn’t read those? Seriously, she’s the headliner. There are some agents on board the cruise, but who knows if they are legit?

If writing is a passion, being around others who share that passion is a positive thing. It’s easy to make friends. It’s easy to have interesting conversations. I don’t want to make too much fun of this kind of thing, because I’ve been in writing workshops and it does fan the fire for writing. I don’t know if it helps your writing, but it can help your motivation.


I would tell him to SHUT UP WESLEY!!