Star Trek Discovery (2017)


In case you didn’t know it. Episode 2 is already up on CBS All Access.


Well, that was pretty good. I’m in for more, but I’m probably just going to let it run its course and then jump in for a 1 month binge. 10 bucks seems like a lot on top of my existing Hulu/Amazon/Netflix. The 5 dollar option is loaded with commercials. Tough to watch after a decade as a cord cutter.

Is it wrong that I actually liked the gothic styling of the new Klingons? Armoring their ship in coffins felt very Warhammer 40K.


Man, I am feeling an overload of smugness right now. I really want to go back through the first 900 posts of this thread and quote all of the weeping that was going on about how terrible this will turn out.

I don’t think that would be good for my soul or popularity, however, so please allow me this one smug post and I will then move on.


I think you are allowed to be smug, considering the level of hand-wringing that was going on here :-D

Nice feedback already guys - I’m currently seeing two other shows, but this I will make my monday show. Excited to be see it tonight!


I’m reasonably confident that the tone I have struck was one of cautious optimism. But that’s just going off memory, so I won’t be surprised if someone digs up something pissy I wrote and throws it back in my face.

Anyway, one more thing: I mentioned before that I loved the details in this thing, so here’s one they got right - I loved that when the Klingon ship decloaked, the Shenzhou (sp?) and Klingon ship were on different horizontal axes. That’s one of those things movies always assume, as if space had an up and down. I think it would be funny if the two ships had been totally flipped, but actually slightly off kilter is probably more visually interesting.

But here’s one they got wrong - when Burnham calls up Sarek for a holographic conversation, his hologram walks past her and perches on her desk. What? What was his actual body sitting on, was there a chair coincidetally placed where her desk was? OK maybe, I guess, but it looked a little cheesy.


I really, really enjoyed it.

It’s tonally not like other Treks, but if you accept it as a war story set in Trek history, it was damned impressive for a pilot.

As far as early concern about the “allegories to current situations,” after T’Kuvma’s speech, I half-expected him to put on a red cap reading “Make Qo’nos Great Again.” :-)

Also, James Frain usually plays murderous evil creeps (Gotham, Orphan Black), so it’s a little disconcerting seeing him as Sarek.


The spoken Klingon through the face masks and prosthetic teeth sounded really lame.


Yea, I also think they should have left out the prosthetics so the Klingons sound clearer. It is really jarring and you can distinctly tell when something has been redubbed.

Overall I liked it more then I thought but it is clearly not a classic Star Trek series. Feels a bit like the Rogue One of Star Trek. That can be good or bad. Some decisions I found questionable (What’s that thing looking like a member of Daft Punk?). I am not versed in the Trek lore and wonder how much they retconned besides the Klingons?

It looks absolutely stunning, the ships federation ships are cool. Klingons again questionable but very cool looking, just not what I want from Klingons. But If you can take the series on its own it will hopefully be worth it. End of EP 2 actually surprised me. Will be back next week for another round. I would not subscribe to another service just for it though.


Just finished watching. As with @ImaTarget I’m a bit surprised at the direction where things went. It will be interesting to see where things go from here.

I thought the Star Fleet stuff all looked terrific and Star Fleet officers acting was top notch. They definitely did a quality job on the sets and the effects. In the photos I thought the uniforms looked odd, but they all looked pretty good in actual action.

I hated the Klingons. Completely agree with @rei and @ImaTarget. Hard to understand what they are saying, just a mumbling monotone. On the one hand it kind of doesn’t matter because they’re speaking Klingon and there are subtitles, but the monotone just made it hard to convey any emotion through their speech, And I hated the design of both the Klingons themselves and their ships. The scenes with them were just jarring in sharp contrast with the rest of the show.

Definitely a very strong start. Let’s hope they can keep the quality up.


Is there a way to sign up for a free trial so I can see the pilot without giving them my credit card info? The only free trials I see require me to sign up for an auto-renewing monthly subscription first.


I signed up for a trial within the app on iOS. It still uses an auto renew after a week, but you aren’t giving them your billing info as Apple is doing it for you. App has chrome cast built in too.


An interesting article that shows the rather convoluted ownership of Star Trek and how that plays into its Prime vs “JJ Verse” rebooted movies. Something I didn’t know Paramount and Bad Robot(JJs company) make and actually own the show not CBS.


I really enjoyed that pilot. The opening credits are nicely done too. The production values are amazing compared to all previous Trek series. The acting so far is really good, except for some scenes with the Klingons as mentioned above. The actors seem to be really hampered by that makeup.

One point of confusion: The white beacon that the Klingons lit: On the U.S.S. Shenzhou, they were completely blinded, and thought the light was coming from the Klingon ship. But the one or two exterior shots they showed the audience seemed indicate that it came from that vessel that the main character flew to, did I get that right? So that vessel was the beacon?


I DVR’d it but I guess football ran over so I didn’t see the last 20 minutes. I like it, but I dislike the Klingon look. I guess that’s minor.


I’ve been watching older Trek series because of this and noticed something I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about. TNG and especially Voyager have a really nice emphasis on science, critical thinking and discuss HOW to think a lot. I was watching an episode where the crew has to think their way out of a problem and the answer was of course “tachyon emissions” or some bullshit. But the WAY they got there was to listen to each other, work synergistically, challenge assumptions, make sure they had accurate metrics, all the stuff that you learn when becoming a scientist. They also have a lot of episodes and plots that involve respecting other cultures and traditions while still being proud of your own. This theme repeats again and again. It sets the tone of the series. Especially with children and families on TNG, I just love the tone and themes of the 90s shows. Its constantly promoting curiosity and critical thinking.

And that is what separates (or used to) Star Trek from every other sci fi series, including Star Wars. Its about science, not lab science but science as a way of life, a way of thinking.

The Abrahams movies were entertaining and looked really great, but they skipped right over this and made Star Trek into Star Wars. All bluster and explosions and conflict resolved with explosions. No diplomacy or critical thinking or controlling your anger and prejudices. To me, this (and TOS had some of this too, just not at much) was what defined Star Trek. Its what inspired two generations of nerds and geeks to become JPL scientists, chemists, mathmeticians, and especially computer scientists.

So is this new series more like entertainment Trek, or more like science trek? Cause what TV needs desperately right now is science trek.


Abrams admitted he was never a ST fan and never really watched any of it. For him directing the movies was at the time a chance to basically make a SW movie without the actual IP. Personally I’m very glad they look to be dumping that mindset and using traditional Trek themes as the basis.


It’s too early to tell based on the first episode. I agree with your analysis of TNG especially. It’s the reason why I enjoyed even the first two seasons of TNG and the first two seasons of DS9. They might not be as good as the later seasons of those shows, but they still had emphasis on being a show about science, like you said.


One other thought, I really liked the science officer that Doug Jones played (forgot his name already). I thought he was going to be cheesy with the whole “sensing death” thing but I liked the bit of backstory of his race being bred as cattle, and how it leads to his first response to trouble being “let’s get the hell out of here.”


I haven’t watched Ep2, so maybe I missed something there, but the whole cattle thing made very little sense to me. First, why would cattle be bred to sense death approaching? You’d think you’d do the exact opposite to keep them docile. Second, why would you breed cattle for intelligence and sentience?


I got the impression from his discussion that it was more metaphorical than I had originally thought, just taking that line out of context. Not that he can literally sense death coming but more of a foreboding.