Star Trek Discovery (2017)


I agree. I thought having a sentient race evolved from a herbivore prey-animal was a really neat concept.

Taken in context my impression was that it was really a mind-set. What he was saying is that as a prey-animal he’s constantly thinking defensively and is concerned with potential impending death. A herbivore eats random plants and spends a lot of time concerned with where potential predators are going to be coming from to kill him. It’s a very different mind set from a sentient species evolved from a hunting carnivore.

In context I thought he was saying, “Captain your hunter-evolved brain is trying to work the problem and figure out how to turn this to your advantage; my highly evolved herbivore, prey-animal instincts are telling me we should get the hell out of here, because we are about to get swooped down on by a predator and turned into someone’s dinner.”


He specifically said “bred”, not “evolved”. I can follow the concept of prey animals evolving sentience. Heck, I suspect man was as much prey as hunter (if not more so prey) for much of our evolutionary lifespan.

What didn’t make sense was the “bred” part for both hyper-awareness of threats and intelligence.


Well hell, if you’re going to get all analytical about the breeding thing, why was he so tall and skinny? Wouldn’t you want your food kinda plump? Who knows what the predator species is looking for in their food, though.


That’s a good catch. But bred doesn’t necessarily imply bred by an outside force. He could come from a society that practices eugenics and controls its own breeding.


Oh, nice, it’s in HDR on Netflix. Looks really good.


[quote=“ydejin, post:984, topic:77660”]
I thought having a sentient race evolved from a herbivore prey-animal was a really neat concept.
[/quote]You might enjoy this book. I fucking hated it (for various reasons nobody else seems to have with it), but it’s been well received.


So they bred themselves to be cattle? I’d like to know the backstory of that one!

Maybe it’s like how we earthlings have among us people who would like to breed themselves to be furries?


Thanks for the reference. I was thinking of him along the lines of the Pierson’s Puppeters from RingWorld.


This was okay. I like the theme song and opening credits. It looked like a lot of production value was up on the screen.

I still don’t like the Klingons much. I can’t get over another Klingon retcon. I knew that would be an issue for me going in, so it wasn’t surprising that it continues to vex me. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much the appliances would inhibit the actors. They sounded terrible, and the costuming/latex makes them very stiff and ungainly.

Sonequa Martin-Green was good. At least, she was as good as the script allowed, which understandably was skewed towards the normal pilot episode setup stuff.

So…good. But is it good enough for me to pay for another streaming service? Nope. Sorry, CBS.


You’re right. I went back and rewatched the section and he says they were “hunted, bred, farmed. We are your livestock of old.”

I hope they explore this further. It would be interesting to see if the original predator species that hunted, bred, and farmed them had an ethical revolution and then ultimately uplifted the livestock species, or if some catastrophe occurred which wiped out the predator species and then the livestock species was able to evolve on its own and become technologically proficient.


Admittedly not a Trekophile, but I got the feeling that the Klingons in this series were some kind of mutant/religious offshoot of the race? I thought I heard lots of talk about super-high radiation levels and strange religious rites.


Maybe there from an previously-unmentioned dark moon of Q’nos!

I’m still confused why this is not the Abrams Trek, but the Klingons look much more like the Klingons from the reboot than they do the original timeline Klingons.


At best, I’ll be signing up for this OTT service for a month at some point and then binging the show.


Wonder if it will be possible to use the 1 week trial to binge it. I imagine they would have thought of that.


Absolutely, it should be possible. That’s why I’m waiting for the end of the season to get the free trial.


Anyway, how many weekly episodes are “in the can” already and scheduled, do we know that? And I gather there’s some hiatus à la Walking Dead?

What’s the story in the UK BTW? Are you guys watching it via Netflix as well?


From this article:

Emphasis mine. Thank you Netflix!


15 episodes. According to Memory Alpha, 8 episodes released each week until November 5 and then 7 more episodes starting in January. Although they show all 7 of the second half released on the same day which seems unlikely. I’ve seen the 15 number in quite a few places as well as breaking at the start of November, so those are probably accurate.


Hmm, I wonder if that means there’s enough money around to keep it going and switch directly to Netflix if the All-Access thing proves to be a disaster.


Yep. The first 2 episodes are out. I’ve got them downloaded for my commute tomorrow. Looking forward to it.