Star Trek Discovery (2017)


This may not work. I planned to do this for The Expanse, but Syfy deleted half of Season 2 before uploading the second half I think. Anyway, I waited too long and can’t watch the first half of Season 2. :(


I worked the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas recently and I chatted with some of the Trek fans about this. Apparently there are 24 clans at this point in history and some may have interbred with other races. I assume this means the Klingons in the pilot might be an offshoot breed. That’s speculation, though. It’s not based on anything official.


I was trying to look pretty close at the projections of the other Klingon commanders in case there was a TOS Klingon or TNG Klingon in there. As far as I could tell, they were all pretty similar to the POV Klingon, albeit with some minor variations.


As a casual Trek fan, I’m unsure what you mean - how are the Klingons a retcon here (assuming going back to the look of original Trek series wasn’t on the table)?

I’ve only seen the first episode so far, but it was better than expected. Helps that in Canada it’s available on normal cable channels. It’s no Expanse, but it seems like a more interesting version of Trek than the past few shows.


You guys keep talking about The Expanse, is that really any good? I admit I may be letting my SyFy bias cloud my judgment here.


It’s excellent.


Same here. I’ve also read the book series, so I feel like I already know what happens, and that lowers the urgency to check out the TV series. But the main reason is “really? SyFy can make a series that does that justice?”

I will check it out one day though.




They don’t look like the original series space mongols, nor do they look like the The Next Generation or Shatner movie versions. I get why they don’t look or act like the old series’ pirates with facial hair version, (because no audience wants to put up with that in 2017) but there’s no good reason for the new Klingon look other than tying it to the JJ-verse instead of the timeline the studio has said it’s supposed to be set in.





Just saw the first episode. Best Klingons so far, love them. Can’t wait to see more of them.

The show was good, but has a few things that bug me. I can’t stand the fact that the music never. fucking. stops… ever. The entire episode came off so dreamlike and surreal; I’m not a fan of the cinematography, or the constant underlying ambient music whatsoever. The whole episode played like one giant flashback sequence of some other show, and I never felt like what we were watching was real time in the here and now (within the context of the show itself, duh). It’s just weird.

Also, the actions and exchanges (at the end of the episode) between the first officer, captain and crew were just idiotic and stupid. The end of the episode just took a big heaping shit all over everything that had come before it, what a waste.

All that being said, I still enjoyed myself quite a bit and look forward to seeing more. Just because certain aspects of the show were mind-boggling horrible doesn’t mean that I think the series will be horrible, the good far outweighs the bad and I think that this episode is proof positive that great things are yet to come.


Articles I’ve read said this show was set in the Prime universe, not the JJ-one.


Yes. That’s my point.

If it’s the Prime (pre-JJ) timeline, why do the Klingons look the way they do? Other than being warriors, what about them is anything at all like the Klingons from the Prime timeline?

Edit: Because Prime or not, the era doesn’t even work. The JJ-verse divergence didn’t start until way after this show’s date.


Dudes, this is like the argument that James Bond is a code name for a number of MI6 agents, or that the Zelda games inhabit the same timeline. I’d say it’s just as likely the folks who made Discovery just wanted their Klingons to look diistinct, much like their Starfleet uniforms and ships.


It’s really very good. I’d recommend reading the books above just watching the show, but the show on its own is quite fun.


I watched I think 8 episodes. Good pretty unique premise. decent writing and the characters were interesting. That said I feel asleep most episodes and had to rewind because the pacing was dreadfully slow.


Looks like it’s free to stream on Prime so I’ll check it out. Also, it has Shohreh Aghdsshloo! I think she’s the bees knees.


Really, I couldn’t figure out how to watch in on Prime. What did you search for?


Given that the pilot episodes of previous ST shows never really knocked it out of the park, the Discovery one was pretty good. And we haven’t even seen Jason Isaacs’s character yet.

Production value was great. Of course, pilots tend to have a notably bigger budget than your average episode, but given that you get more CGI bang for the buck these days, I’m hopeful for what’s to come. Also looking forward to getting to know better some of the characters you barely got a glimpse at so far, e.g. the doctor. Also hoping we get to see some more neat creature designs.

I’m torn about the Klingons. I’m not ST fan enough to care about them being changed again, but it feels as that adding more prosthetics comes with the downside of the faces being less expressive. Either way, I hope Discovery lets us explore some more aspect of Klingon culture.

I like Burnham enough, but I’m also hoping that the “character torn between two cultures needs to (re-)discover his/her humanity” aspect doesn’t become a central aspect of her arc. Especially given that she’s already been in service for 7 years at that point. For some that might be a fixed part of each ST show. but after Spock, Data, Odo, and Seven of Nine I’m personally fine with not having too much of that in Discovery.


Just searched Expanse, I think. Season one came up as free with Prime so I put it in my queue. Not going to be able to watch until later tonight though, so I guess I’ll find out for sure then.


Oh I thought, you were talking about being able stream Discovery on Prime. I DVRed Expanse, you could even stream Expanse directly on SyFy.