Star Trek Discovery (2017)


I don’t get that impression from her. She stood her ground with Sarek’s criticism, arguing that her emotions informed her logic. Plus her remark to the admiral that it would be a mistake to confuse race with culture, seems to indicate that she’s on pretty firm footing with her identity. My read, anyway.


Oh no, unfortunately there’s only one way to watch Discovery.


I agree! It’s just that considering the character premise and the flashbacks–one of them reminscent of the Spock flashbacks in the 2009 ST movie–it seems like they might go down that path as the show goes on. Her having been on the Shenzou for over 7 years makes me hopeful that we may skip that part largely though.


I actually liked that callback to young Spock in the reboot, but also the reborn Spock’s testing at the start of IV. It was a low-key callback, but appreciated.


Oh, well that explains why it’s being labeled a “Netflix Original” when you launch it. I always figured Netflix forked over a buttload of money or super-favourable business terms to CBS/Paramount to tap into the ST library and get the exclusive rights for Discovery outside North America - but with them co-financing the series, it makes even more sense.


Sadly not available on Netflix in Canada. Only “Crave” streaming service, which is something that needs to die already.;


Netflix pays a shitload to finance something they can’t run in some of their biggest markets.

What a shitshow.


Here’s hoping it runs on “regular” Netflix next year when CBS All Access fails.


That may not happen for awhile, if ever.

I dunno what all the complaining is about. Consumers have wanted a la carte cable for a decade now…this is what a la carte looks like.


Enjoyed it. The second episode is even better!


We want à la carte without having to sign up for 12 different accounts that end up costing more than cable all told, and that still leave things out. I mean, besides this show, what does CBS All Access have to offer, really? Big Bang Theory and 2 Broke Girls back seasons?* Big whoop. CBS is still part of Viacom, right? Does it have Comedy Central stuff? Heck no!

I just wish I could get the cable providers to offer real packages with all the normal stuff minus ESPN channels and reality show drivel channels like Bravo.

*It appears that it doesn’t even have those, incredibly. Not full episodes thereof. “All Access” indeed.


Yeah, ala carte means $3-4 a channel. Or for a single show, $1 maybe.


It has kind of a slow start because of all the world building, but it definitely picks up pace.


Sounds like you want all the benefits of having a cable subscription without the cable subscription part, which doesn’t seem very likely to me; at least in the near-term. Cable operators can deliver millions of monthly subscribers, whereas you, sadly, can only deliver you. If you really want a la carte, you’ll be paying retail.


But this isn’t even a la carte: per my understanding the ONLY way you can watch this show legally in the US is to subscribe to a channel which foists a bunch of other stuff on you. It’s not like you can buy episodes on iTunes as they come out.


I assume that’ll come at some point. But clearly day and date is out of the question if your goal is to drive subscribers to your streaming service.


We’re 20 minutes in and just so bored.


That’s not what a la carte looks like. True al la carte is I pay $2.99 for any episode or $30-40 for a season pass on iTunes/GooglePlay/Amazon.

In a lot of ways it’s more expensive than maintaining a bunch of subscriptions, but I felt better about not having to make sure I had the right subscription for the right show. Unfortunately these days for many shows it means watching it 9 months after everyone else, but I think it’s still doable.


Yeah, now that you mention it, I wasn’t very happy with that either. Although I can’t believe you liked the Klingons, they were so monotone and inarticulate.


I hated the first 20 minutes, but it improves.