Star Trek Discovery (2017)


Well I’m on BORED so far…

Heh. Hehehe.


I think we get it by now, Brian.

I like the show - It’s probably on the best looking scifi shows I’ve seen recently, and for a pilot, incredibly strong and well paced. As many others have noted, the klingons are kinda annoying with their speech to me, but I like their looks. Its just that speech sounds…well, not natural. Whomever did the make-believe languages in Game of Thrones should have been hired here. This kinda sounds like the same 5 sounds said over and over.

Female black lead is interesting, and her story arc doesn’t exactly start out as expected, so thats a big plus in my book as well.

I am really looking forward to seeing where this goes from here!


Is the Klingon being spoken in Discovery different than the Klingon spoken in the other series? I would think we’d be hearing a huge uproar if that were the case.


I think the problem is that they hired non-Klingon actors this time.


I thought there were regulations about that sort of thing.


Like human-washing the cast?


I think he means more that the look and feel is JJish. I think it feels like something in between what new Trek was trying and the older shows. Some of the bridge dynamics (especially everything to do with the science officer character) felt a lot more like Trek TV than anything in the new Trek movies.

I really think a lot of the rest - use of effects, colors, action scenes - are more reflective of a desire to make a modern show more than overtly copying JJ’s style.

yeah, exactly.


Plus Discovery has lens flare. Although not as bad as the new movies where it’s completely out of hand.


I think the issue with the Klingons is that the heavy prosthetics they’re using make expressive speech difficult.


Yes and also their makeup may also make it difficult to have meaningful facial expressions. It leads to this weird mix where the acting in the Starfleet scenes is top notch and the acting in the Klingon scenes is almost non-existent.


Yeah, I said the same thing earlier. It’s a dumb decision to lock into something that limits expressiveness and is likely time-consuming and otherwise impractical, for no real benefit at all. Nobody would have been unhappy with the simpler makeup of Worf, etc.


I’m guessing the Captain is a red shirt…

With all the shit on network TV it sucks that I have to pay to watch this on my computer.

Have not decided if I’m going there…


Same problem. But if I do decide, I will go boldly!


I’ve heard a million times (and maybe it’s bullshit, but maybe not) that one of the golden rules Roddenberry or other showrunners had in the original 60s series wad that alien make up should never hide the expressiveness of the actors. So they went light on the prosthetics.


I’m not happy about subscribing to a service as crappy as CBS All Access.

But if you’d come to me a few years ago and said “We’re going to do a new big-budget Star Trek series and you can watch it for $3 an episode,” I’d have jumped at the chance. So I’m just looking at the CBS AA fees that way. (I’ll cancel between the last ep in November and the second part starting in January.)


I don’t hate it, but it doesn’t feel like Star Trek and it definitely doesn’t feel like “Discovery”. The only thing they discovered is that they should fight the bad guys.

I’m not too impressed by the main character. She’s got the typical problem of strong female characters in American shows where the writers don’t know how to actually make her strong, so they just make her impulsive and not listen to other people. When she’s right there next to Michelle Yeoh it just reminds me of all the actually strong female characters I’ve seen her play.

So it’s not bad, but with so many other choices it’s hard to justify watching. There’s a new k-drama called Borg Mom about a robotic mother that probably has as much to do with Trek as this does.

You have to be the bees’ knees to claw your way to success even after being exiled from your homeland and having the hardest to remember name of anyone on the entire planet.


Wait, are you talking about Kirk? (Nu-Kirk or old-Kirk, doesn’t matter.)


I don’t see it as that. She didn’t do what she did on a whim. She was absolutely convinced that the “Vulcan hello” was the right way to go, based on sound information. The way the two episodes went, they left very much open the possibility that it was the right way to go.


For me, it feels like trek in that so far there’s much bridge drama and argument about the correct way to act, with cultural misunderstandings getting in the way.

It was a little too action heavy (pre-war Klingons!), but this was a pilot episode. I can see the groundwork for a very Trekish series here. But we won’t know until the series starts up proper.

I am very optimistic, though. It feels they know what they are doing (aside from some rushing in the tense action scenes, but this is not a movie and I like they made space for bridge stuff).


Yeah, I’ve purchased quite a few TV shows on iTunes for $3/episodes. Including some which I didn’t really intend to watch more than once, it’s just as a cord cutter, purchasing on iTunes is often the only way to watch a show that’s currently on. So arguably CBS AA is cheaper.

Of course, getting them through iTunes means I own them (sort of, I assume there’s legal mumbo jumbo about how I actually only have a license). And for Star Trek shows, I definitely do watch them again.

Price wise $5.99 or $9.99 for 4 episodes of quality TV just doesn’t sound like that much. Compare that to the price of going to a movie or even renting an 1.5 to 2 hour movie. I’ve got HBO for $15/month largely for Game of Thrones and WestWorld. Their movie selection just isn’t that great so the subscription really is for their internally produced TV shows. But they do put out some real quality TV now and in the past (thinking of Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Rome).

So if it really is quality TV, I think the price is actually pretty reasonable. We’ll just have to see what the long term quality is. So far after the first two episodes I’m hopeful.