Star Trek Discovery (2017)


I guess I’m one of the few who don’t mind the Klingons. I want a species that don’t act like humans and you can’t read their expressions. I want strange and unknown not a human in fancy makeup.


I thought it was all but a forgone conclusion that it was the correct course of action, if you wanted to avoid an extended war with the Klingons. If they had fired when Michael wanted the other 23 houses would have warped into a broken/dead minor house that picked a fight with an enemy. Without a unifying force they would have laughed at him and warped out. I suppose it’s possible one out of the 23 houses might have recognized the opportunity to unite them all and go for revenge, but I take it T’Kuvma’s house was pretty much a foundered one trying to claw it’s way back and not of much notice, being stocked with outcasts. So I doubt they would have cared about revenge.

On the other hand, it’s a pretty unthinkable way for the Federation to act so no surprise it was never seriously considered.


Okay, you have a point there. But Kirk acted like that after it was already established that he was a strong leader. On this show they needed to build her up first before she goes all Jack Bauer and starts taking the law into her own hands.


I’m on my second viewing. I’m sure I will enjoy the series.

The tech is oddly advanced but i guess I shouldnt compare it to 60s special fx. It would have been nice to have something post Voyager rather than follow Enterprise because half the fun of ST in the latter series was high tech so advanced it was approaching magic.


Yeah, the holodeck in TNG is such a civilization changing technology its absurd. Its really the only unbelievable thing in Star Trek besides the transporter (and I guess FTL travel).

In Voyager they even have a holodeck crew member, and its not like he’s a janitor or anything. He’s one of the most important staff officers on the ship, the chief medical officer. He literally has the crew’s life in his hands. I would argue he’s more advanced than Data, the most advanced being on Federation payroll. When I saw that character one of my first thoughts was “what if a while crew were made up of holodeck people?”. They actually investigate this a bit by having that same actor play other programs like a diagnostic tech. The logical conclusion is a ship that has a holodeck only crew. That would be insanely interesting, especially if they evolved while they traveled. You could literally send them on a 10,000 year voyage or until the ship deteriorated into dust.


Why would you have that rather than just an autonomous ship? At most, the ship would need some mobile drones or such for internal repairs (similar to how our own immune system works). It sort of reminds me of the idea of giant robot mecha. Cool as a form of entertainment, but not really the most efficient form factor.

Voyager got nutty with the Doctor when they came up with the “mobile emitter”, which basically just made him another crew member.


Exactly. You need humanoid looking representatives to go have diplomatic dinners and help the natives and whatever else away teams do. Drones are sweet but they don’t replace that. Obviously the ship probably wouldn’t bother generating the crew while in deep space but might “spawn” them like in a video game for an away mission. Of course you could still have different models/projections for the different Federation races so its not all human, etc.


Dumb question, but if I subscribe, do I need to buy a streaming box to watch it on my TV? I have a two-year old Samsung but it is not a smart TV. Nor am I a smart consumer.

I don’t care to watch it on my laptop or iPad.


So I take it you haven’t seen the episode of Red Dwarf where they encounter the Holoship, crewed by genius AI holograms on a 10,000 year voyage to the edge of the universe?


Unless your TV can run the CBS app directly you will need to somehow connect either your laptop or you iPad. It looks like Windows 10 is listed as one of their supported devices. Does you laptop have an HDMI out and your TV have an HDMI in? I think that would probably work, although I can’t say for sure as I haven’t tried their Windows 10 App.


Looks like they also have support for XBox One and PS4, if you have either of those.

See list at middle of page here:


Yes they do, thanks. But I’m not interested in tying up my laptop that way.

No consoles. I do have an old Roku box that I haven’t used in several years. But Roku discontinued support for that and other older models, so I believe you can’t get new channels on it.

I guess I’m just an old curmudgeon. But thanks for trying @ydejin.


Roku has a stick that costs less than 50 bucks IIRC, and it’s compatible with pretty much all the services–I’d be very surprised if this new service weren’t among them.
Chromecast would work too, I guess, although I suspect that since it’s a Google thing it’s less likely to be compatible with, say, Amazon Prime video, if you have that.


“Binks to Enlightenment…” And the ship itself is a hologram too. Man that show had soo many cool ideas.


Since you do not have a smartTV, one of those boxes is exactly what you want. TLDR version:

AppleTV: if u want to show youtubes from your phone/ipad to the TV to guests ( i think, i don’t use apple)

Roku: best interface. best search. universal search. It means you just hit search, type in name, it’ll find it on netflix, hulu, whatever you have. The remote even has a built in headphone out for late-night watching.

FireTV: it’s cheap… modable. UI sucks. I use it.


I’ll second a Roku. The most recent ‘Roku Stick’ can run everything out there, is simple to use and the only real drawback is it maxes at 1080p. But its fine solution for on $40. Can find it for sale pretty much anywhere including Bestbuy and even Walmart.


Captain Georgiou explicitly states that the Klingon vessel has overwhelming firepower superiority. It’s also massive. I think it’s very doubtful that the Shenzhou by itself could have taken down such a large ship even with a surprise attack. The other Klingon vessels arrive within a minute or two of the proposed surprise attack.

The most likely outcome would be for the Shenzhou to be destroyed immediately by the vastly superior Klingon vessel. The second most likely scenario would be for the other Klingon vessels to arrive while the Shenzhou was attacking and to join in the fight resulting in the complete destruction of the Shenzhou with all hands before any Federation vessels arrived.


I think the idea was a sneak attack, if they catch the Klingons with their shields down maybe they could have prevailed. Not sure if that would have been possible in that kind of standoff situation, though.


For the third episode of Discover I went into it deliberately trying to forget it was a Star Trek show. Just pretended I was watching a new series like the Expanse. The third episode is so not like any Trek series in tone that this is really to do. And I really dug it in that context!

I kind of hate what it does to Star Trek, but I like it as as something else.


Watched episode 3 with my 15-year-old, who missed the two prologue episodes.

His take: “It’s really good. But it doesn’t feel like Star Trek.” (And he hasn’t watched much Star Trek.)

I enjoyed the episode tonight. Tilly’s freaking awesome. Lorca’s intriguing. They better watch out, though – their security chief is a Cylon.