Star Trek Discovery (2017)


I’m 10 minutes into the episode, and I’m starting to feel like I’m just too old for this shit.


I enjoyed it and I’m really interested to see where the story was going. But I’ll definitely agree with @Quaro. It was certainly different than any Trek I can recall.

There was definitely a big chunk that felt way more Aliens than Trek, although I guess you could argue that something like the Horta episode could be re-filmed to look kind of like this and maybe the something like the Salt Monster from The Man Trap could have given a similar vibe with modern special effects. Or possibly the Redjac episode. So arguably TOC went into jumpy horror mode occasion, just not with modern cinematography.

I thought the whole reciting from Alice in Wonderland in the Jeffries tubes was really bizarre when it happened. It made more sense when it was explained, and I kind of like the idea that Amanda Grayson was trying to teach the children that it isn’t always about logic. Although the way it was introduced did seem a bit clunky.

I’m also not.used to unpleasant characters on Trek at least not on the main crew. It will be interesting to see what everyone is actually like once they flesh everyone out. I developed a strong distaste for the mycologist researcher. I’m not sure yet about the new captain.

Also I’m not sure where they can go with this super travel experiment of theirs without breaking off into a new Star Trek universe. It does seem like staying in the Prime Universe has somewhat limited their storytelling.


I felt similarly bleh the pilot but it might be worth trying ep 3 but try to imagine you’re watching the Expanse instead of Star Trek. That kind of reset my expectations and I found myself glued to screen for episode three. It was also executed really well technically.

It was hilarious that they have in-universe excuse for the gloomy lighting.


Oooooh. I really liked Ep. 3.

It does feel like Star Trek to me, but one of the darker episodes, not the main series. Maybe with more than a pinch of Babylon 5 in terms of politics, I think (too early to tell). But that’s the tone. The mechanics and dynamics of the crew do feel extremely trekkish (conversational dilemmas with a little bit of cheese). It feels we are watching the stuff people talked around in the original shows.

The fact that it’s darker and less morally clear does work for making it work with a seasonal arch, I think. There’s already stuff to figure out.


Okay, just saw this, and it was awesome! A bit of a slow start, but REALLY enjoyed it after that. Are we doing spoilers? I guess we are - anyways about what was going on


[spoiler]I am kinda flabbergasted why the spore travel is in any way different / better / faster than Warp that they already have? I am not very trek fluent, so maybe thats just why I don’t get it.

edit: Spoilers don’t work anymore?


Also - who is Amanda?[/spoiler]

Anyways - great episode. I love how the security chief excudes a quiet confidence that is almost menacing.



The Spore thing is AFAIK something new. I’ve never heard of it, although I know TOS best and while I’ve seen quite a few of the other series, I haven’t seen all of them

Amanda is Spock’s mother. So that makes her Burnham’s foster mother.

As far as spoilers go, I have noticed that sometimes Discourse does strange things unless the tags are on their own line by themselves. While I’ve grown to really love Discourse, it’s parser doesn’t seem the best. So that may be why you had trouble with them.


The security chief is the second-most most annoying character on the show (the first being Lt. Barclay’s ancestor). There’s no quiet confidence here, just an annoying, condescending prick with a chip on her shoulder that talks shit to prisoners, knowing they’re in no position to call her on it.


An upshot is that the security chief chick is a dead ringer for my buddy Allegra who cosplays a ton, so huzzah for the inevitable costuming possibilities?

It’s a small upshot, mind you, but I’ll take it.


Really. I thought she was the least annoying of the new officers. She just seemed to be doing her job.

I hated Lt Stamets. He seemed like a real ass. I would have been much happier if he had been a civilian instead of a Starfleet officer. We’ll have to see where they take Captain Lorca.

In general I like my Starfleet officers to be professional and friendly with each other, and so far I’m not liking this new ship at all. I miss the USS Shenzhou. Still really liking Saru though. He’s probably one of my favorite parts of the series so far.


A lot of people have been complaining about Burnham being Spock’s foster sister (and not without some justification, it does seem a bit of a stretch). But one of the podcasts I listened to mentioned that we didn’t hear about Spock’s father until he showed up on Journey to Babel and we didn’t find out about his betrothed until she shows up in Amok Time. Then they mentioned that we didn’t know about Spock’s brother until he showed up and I was all “What! Spock had a brother?” And I looked it up, and he apparently showed up in Star Trek V (which is one of two movies I haven’t seen, the other being Insurrection).

So I don’t think Spock having a foster sister he didn’t mention for 3 seasons and 6 movies is much more of a stretch than having a brother he didn’t mention for 3 seasons and 4 movies.


Is Lt. Stamets the red headed biophysics guy who lost his boyfriend on the other ship? He’s terrible too, but they tried too hard to make him act like a shithead, and it just came off weak. Bickering, whee. I didn’t give him much of a passing thought because the entire portrayal felt weak and the character flaws forced.

I take greater offense to authority figures bullying prisoners, rather than arrogant jack-asses feeling protective of their work.


Yeah, that’s him. Although I don’t think that was his boyfriend, just his friend. Although Stamets is the new gay character.

I’ll have to rewatch it. I didn’t notice. Mostly I’m remembering Commander Landry from her time on the Away Team where she seemed competent.


This is early Trek and considering we didn’t see it in later “prime” timeline shows & movies, something tells me it doesn’t all go as planned.


That’s my thinking as well. It does seem like being a prequel has limited their storytelling possibilities, since at least in some areas we know how it turns out.


From the way he described it, it was basically instantaneous travel anywhere in the universe (where the spores had spread). That’s clearly better than warp.


Spock’s father and his betrothed were fine because we were all learning about Vulcans and Spock’s family at the same time. His brother in V was a terrible reveal. They tried to explain it by saying he was an embarrassment to most Vulcans and therefore wasn’t talked about, but it was still a bad retcon.

Burnham being an adopted sister is also terrible.


She was pretty offensive to me with the bullying and waiting to intervene when the fight broke out between the prisoners. But that’s OK, this is obviously not the Enterprise or even the Shenzhou.

Stamets was petulant, even before his best friend died, but understandably so. He obviously doesn’t like the captain and resents having his life’s work re-purposed for war.

We loved Tilly. I mean, was that a zit? Wait, they haven’t solved facial acne in 2255?


A mole, I think. In certain lighting you can see she has several on her face. Fun character. I loved the moment when she pulled her phaser – you could see the Starfleet training kicking in.


My suspicion on the fight is that it was a test from Captain Lorca and that she specifically wasn’t interferring to see how Burnham handled herself.

I just don’t like petulant Starfleet officers. If he had been a civilian scientist I would have been fine with it. IMO Starfleet is supposed to represent the best of humanity. Stamets isn’t showing the best of humanity (in fact the only one on Discovery who acted remotely like I thought a Starfleet officer should have was Commander Saru).

Why are they screwing around with mycology when they haven’t fixed this basic problem.

I liked Tilly, I was trying to figure out why I liked her and hated Wesley (or last ensign/cadet) and concluded it was because Tilly was portrayed as not yet competent. If Tilly saves the ship based on her super-genius at some point, I’m going to turn on her.


I don’t see no mole! Though if I google the actress it’s clearly a mole. I think the makeup was just making it look like they were trying to obscure a zit. Probably airbrushed out in the photo below. Which is annoying.