Star Trek Discovery (2017)


“Did he just… shush you?”


I think Lt. Stamesh actually WAS a civilian - at least, thats what I get from his saying that Starfleet took over his research for…well, spoiler territory, but he clearly isn’t starfleet born and breed.


I like the third episode…good trek feelings all around.

Awesome captain.


How do we like so many of the same things yet disagree on so many of those things?


I think you have a more nostalgic connection to stuff, I’m a bit more oOoo Shiny…




I really enjoyed the episode. Action packed, of course, but I really enjoyed meeting old and new characters, finally getting a bright eyed and optimistic cadet who made me smile and the set up for many secrets and elements to unravel.

I love that the show has got an ongoing story arc which makes me impatient to know more.

Where they go with the “Context is for kings” line of thought is a question mark for me considering I like Starfleet as I knew it.

Can’t wait to see more though.



Just think of it as a super long mirror-universe episode.


I convinced myself the entire series is Mirror Universe a while back. Not for any solid reason other than to help overcome retcon stuff.


Who’s the actress? She looks familiar.

BTW, I really like the angular 1950’s design aesthetic of the exterior of the Discovery.




I largely agree, but I still don’t get the empty ring. Maybe a setup for a unique saucer separation?


One theory I’ve heard is that it increases isolation between the labs. For example if a certainty beasty were to get lose, there are fewer points that would need to be protected to prevent it from getting from one section to another.


Hmm. Yeah, I can see that, given the “untethered” approach to science the ship is undertaking.


One thing that surprised me is the final fate of the USS Glenn

I would have thought being in a war, that destroying a brand new cruiser class starship would have been the last thing to do. I assume that building a cruiser which AFAIK is the largest ship the Federation has at this point, would take a significant amount of the Federation’s resources.

Is the idea that the ship is so heavily contaminated that even with large security forces and scientists for cleanup that it’s irrecoverable?

Seems like they could have gotten on board with some large security teams and some bridge and engineering personal and got it back to stardock for a full refit.


It looked cool, man. That’s all.


Episode 3 question about a space-walk:

[spoiler]What bugs me is the fate of the prison transport officer that went out to ‘clean the bugs’ off the prisoner transport ship’s hull, but then ended up with a severed tether, causing them to fly off into space. So, did Discovery beam them up? Are they gone forever? Was that part of Lorca’s plan or an unintended consequence? Is he a murderer or what?

I’d have to rewatch the episode to see if I missed something there, because by the end of the episode it seems clear that Lorca orchestrated the whole thing, and someone possibly died because of it.[/spoiler]

No idea why spoiler tags aren’t working.


It was on the edge of Klingon space. Matter of fact it had dead Klingons already on board. So time may have been a factor.


From my experimentation spoiler tags need to be on their own line with no text either before or after them on that line. So blank line with no text other than the spoiler tag for both the beginning and the ending spoiler tag.

As for the question

There’s apparently a call for medical officers to head to the sick bay right as the shuttle lands. The speculation is that the prison transport officer was beamed aboard, but it wasn’t really deemed important enough to show. (One annoyance about DSC is that even though it’s streaming only, they don’t seem willing to let the length of the episodes exceed what would fit in a standard networks slot – in contrast with Game of Thrones, which seems to vary in length quite a bit from episode to episode).

I’m going to rewatch sometime before the next episode plays, so I’ll double check and see if this makes sense. It seems likely the prison transport officer was lost right before the shuttle got tractor beamed. If they could see the shuttle, they probably could have gotten a lock on the officer. Also while Lorca seems to have diverted the shuttle, he does seem to have the authority for it. There would be no reason for him to kill the officer, and as he himself would say “there’s no point in wasting resources”.


Good point. Plus Discovery isn’t a normal ship, so having it stick around is a bigger risk (particularly of losing invaluable research) than having something like the USS Shenzhou stay to undertake salvage operations. Although the trailer for the next episode sure looks like the DSC is going straight in for combat operations.

Or it could be like @BrianRubin says. It just seemed cool and we’re thinking about this more deeply than the writers did. (That’s probably true of a lot of Trek fandom - and fandom in general).