Star Trek Discovery (2017)


If you’ve not seen them in a while, you should rewatch the Section 31 eps of DS9. William Sadler is always a delight.





One of the crew in episode three had a black badge. I pretty much figured it had something to do with section 31.


Well obviously it’s not going to work out for whatever reason, it’s way too powerful. Also see ghost ship with horrifically mutated crew members.

But I am sure they can chase that white whale for the season.


Ooh ooh, maybe they’re going to go full Event Horizon! That’s why they needed Jason Isaacs! Makes total sense!


They literally never had a warship until the Defiant in DS9 (at least according to the show).

There have also never been Marines on a Starfleet ship like there would be on a military vessel.

They act as a military force more often than not, but technically they aren’t one and the federation technically never had warships.


Yeah, but if Deep Space 9 taught me one thing, it’s that Starfleet officers may not be the most reliable narrators.


What was it about the Defiant that specifically made it a warship? I don’t remember. Just seems like an odd distinction to make when pretty much every Starfleet ship is armed to the teeth.


The majority of Starfleet vessels are made with peaceful intentions in mind. Exploration, science, etc. Weapons are for defense and last resort and all that.

The Defiant was made to fight the Borg. That’s it.


Well I guess that’s what I’m asking. I get that nearly all Starfleet ships have peaceful missions but they’re also decked out with photon torpedoes and phaser arrays because hey, never know what you’re going to run into out there, you know?

So when you say Defiant was made specifically to fight Borg, what was different about it to make it so (see what I did there)?


It’s a mindset thing I guess. While many Starships have weapons for defense and what not, the Defiant felt like a ship built around an engine and weapons platform. Meant purely for fighting.


Correct, also they factored in the limited loss of life if they did lose a Defiant Class ship, compared to say a Galaxy class with huge crew.


The implication of the Defiant is what I find somewhat intriguing. It appears to have tactical capabilities in the ballpark of a Galaxy-class ship like the Enterprise D, at like a 1/10 of the size. So what does that imply? It implies that the Enterprise is 10% tactical, 90% other (science, humanitarian, diplomatic), which seems in-line with Starfleet’s mission. So, the Defiant is Starfleet’s first warship not in the sense of what it has that the other frontline ships don’t, it’s what it doesn’t have compared to the other ships (the non-tactical 90%). Yet, the Enterprise is considered a match for frontline warships of the other major powers. So, the conclusion is that the Federation is incredibly more advanced than the other powers, when it comes to tactical and technical effectiveness. They pack into 10% what the other powers need 100% to do the same job. All of this is, of course, subject to the “they’re as weak or as strong as they need to be” rule.


OK, this makes sense to me, the Defiant is more defined by what it doesn’t have than what it does. I had forgotten it was so much smaller in size/crew than most other federation ships.


I never thought of it that way. So in a sense when a Romulan Warbird takes on Enterprise, it’s their 100% warship versus “I’m not even a warship” Enterprise. It puts into perspective how other races view the Federation, perhaps the bully on the block in a sense.


“I am not left handed either.”


Yeah, Enterprise had friggin’ families and artists on board.

It’s as if you sailed out your 50,000 ton warship, every ton dedicated to the art of war, and then the 50,000 Love Boat sailed up. . . . and blew you out of the water, without the retirees missing a beat at the buffet. I think that’d give you pause about the power of the Carnival Cruise Lines Hegemony.


Sure, but let’s see the Love Boat engage self-destruct.


If y’all haven’t read it:


Funny stuff. But what episode/movie did they turn a sun into a torus? Did I miss it or forget it?