Star Trek Discovery (2017)



Thank the maker yes.

Alex Kurtzman developing several new Star Trek TV shows



I haven’t seen the first season yet, I’ll get to it this summer.

Season 2 :

Can someone explain why Pike has a different uniform?


I may have missed it—-did they ever explain why her name is Michael?


In story, I don’t think they ever mentioned it, although I like that the lack of a big deal over it adds some gender fluidity and open-mindedness to the show.

Out of story, it was a Michael Fuller thing; he likes to give masculine names to his female protagonists.


But that doesn’t happen if it is just one character. They haven’t established that it is common in this setting. Rather, it’s just Burnham.


Hey, I just cleaned off my rose-tinted glasses! No need to smear them up again, lol

(good point)


I must admit that the only woman named Michael I otherwise know about is the real-life actress Michael Learned whom those of us of a certain age know as Olivia Walton (John Boy’s mom) in the 1970’s TV series.


In other Treks we’ve often seen multiple uniforms on screen when there’s a transition of some kind. Maybe they’re “phasing out” the blue ones?


Who knows, so far we do not even know how discovery fits into the official timeline. They said this should be answered in season two as well. I am excited.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this. Discovery starts just before the OST, no? Somewhere in between TOS and Enterprise.


That is the theory, but the tech used and uniforms don’t really mesh with that so I am wondering how this really meshes with Canon. I probably should have said canon not timeline

Also, this sounds fun:


Supposed to start 10 years before TOS.


If memory serves, Tilly makes a similar comment when she first meets Burnham. Something about how the only female Michael she knows of is the mutineer and then there’s an awkward exchange where she realizes who Burnham is. So I think it’s meant to be unusual, even in the future.


So I started watching this, finally. Since I hadn’t seen the pilot since it aired on CBS, I started with the pilot again. Man, even though it was less intense the second time around, it was still pretty damn intense. And then the second part of that episode is also really good. That’s just a really good pilot.

And then, surprisingly, the episode after that was pretty significant too. As was the episode after that. And even the 5th episode, to a lesser extent. So 5 episodes down, and there’s a LOT that has happened. This is not just a weekly episodic show. It’s interesting how this is taking a completely different approach to Star Trek. The Orville is pretty much trying to recreate TNG, and this one is trying to do something completely unique that hasn’t really been done before in Trek. I appreciate that. It might not work out, if their story doesn’t go somewhere satisfying. That’s what you get when each episode feels part of a bigger story, that bigger story is going to matter a lot. So even though I might not like it in the end, I still really appreciate what they’re trying to do.

We really are spoiled to have two Star Trek shows going at the same time these days, after being starved of any Trek shows for so long.

Hopefully I can get through all these episodes within a weeklong free trial of CBS. If not, I wouldn’t mind paying for a month of CBS for this show. It’s really well made. The lighting, the special effects, the acting, the sound effects, the music, it’s all quality stuff.


I personally found the show to be quite a rollercoaster in terms of perceived quality and consistency in the writing and character development. Production values were generally very high.

Something that speaks strongly for this show is that non trekkie people can connect with the setting, the characters and to some extent, the plot. Appealing to a broader audience without compromising the core of what makes Star Trek special was quite an achievement and the original showrunners and writers deserve kudos for it.


After six episodes, I am starting to be less enthused about some things. They killed a kick ass crew member, which was interesting, but then a random uninteresting guest star played by a poor actor in another episode is now a permanent part of the crew. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Hopefully he’ll die sooner than his much cooler predecessor, I guess.

Also, the show feels really sparse. There’s not enough of a big cast maybe, or perhaps not enough extras. The Discovery just feels too dark and empty. It would be depressing to serve on that ship. Of course, they are in a time of war, and it is a war ship. So I guess that jibes.


Stay the course to the end. The last few episodes really take the show up a notch and make it worth it.

Isn’t episode 5 the awful filler one where they land on a planet that’s sentient and makes Saru angry, and then he hammerfists the important mission computer thing?

Complete waste of time, that episode.


No, such an episode hasn’t come up yet. I’m looking forward to it!


The debut of the mighty hammerfist for a given Trek series makes an episode worthy for that reason alone.