Star Trek Discovery (2017)


I kind of had the same reaction from the other side, sort of.

If this was any other universe, I would have felt that the show was too dark and depressing at times. But what kept it from feeling that way to me was the fact that it was a Star Trek show. Just knowing that what is to come in Star Trek is bright and hopeful and rainbows and ponies really helped me overcome the thought that the show was a little depressing. So it being a Star Trek show is what gave it that needed balance for me.


I was very close to giving up after the first two episodes due to the interminable Klingon scenes, but carried on since a friend who knows I don’t care much about Trek insisted that I would actually like Discovery. Klingon is just so stilted and boring to listen to as a fake language, and the monologues were so dull that it was a real chore to even read the subtitles. But no matter how much I disliked the production aspects, the time spent on establishing the Klingon characters paid off story-wise.

There seemed to be a ton of inconsistencies and characters acting in ways that made no sense, which bothered me a lot when watching. But most of those turned out to make sense once the twist was revealed. (I had to stop watching and spend a while mentally replaying all the previous episodes, and re-interpreting them). And like some people commented earlier in the thread, they did a great job of misdirecting the real twist with the much more obvious Tyler plot.


Has anyone played this game?

I wonder if season 2 will be based on another adventure game, e.g. space quest. Maybe she’ll be busted back to janitor?

Can’t find a real store page, but here’s an old greenlight for it


Yea, good luck with that. That’s very weaksauce.


Eventually, we will run out of ideas and everything will just be plagiarism (intentional or not).


NY Comic Con season 2 trailer. First Spock…with a beard!


NuNuSpock looks like a barista.


Apparently beard-trimming technology was lost in the Eugenics Wars.

I liked the Tilly Short Trek. Had some story nitpicks (um, okay, Tilly, you’re kicked out of the Command program for not following regulations and calling “Intruder Alert”), not to mention unauthorized use of a transporter, but overall it was a cute story, I love her character even though it’s because she’s a Mary Sue for us fans in a lot of ways, and it definitely felt more TNG than DarkTrek.

Speaking of Tilly, with Mirror Georgiou running around it would be redundant for now, but I’d love it if around Season 6 we find out that Captain Tilly survived, and she’s pissed. Be fun to see her try to pretend to be Ensign Tilly.


I guess this is more CBS Online news than specifically Discovery related, but looks less a new animated Star Trek is getting teed up:


That sounds really cool. An animated comedy called Lower decks sounds like it should be a hoot.


I am going to fall into the camp that argues : Enough with the prequels. Let’s move the story along.


Yep. Me too.


That’s what the Picard series is.

Looks like they’re just going all out across the board. Past, Present, Future, comedy, drama, live-action, animated, shorts, regular length, mini-series, regular series, medium series.

I know I’ll probably get over-saturated, but I’m loving this news so far. I love the idea of being over-saturated with Trek again.


I think I’ve been pushed over the edge into subbing CBS All Access with this. I figure $5.99 will be worth it for three different Trek series.


I think thats called the shotgun approach! Shoot off a shitload of stuff & see what hits a target.


Since when did it drop to $5.99/month?


I think that’s the version with (“limited”) commercials. When I got it for a month, I went with the $10 version with no commercials. I personally think not having to watch commercials is worth the extra $4.


CBS = Continuously Broadcasting Startrek


The comedy series does sound intriguing. I wish they could do it with TOS characters and voice-acting sound-alikes.


Yeah, $5.99 allows commercials. I’ve been tuning those out mentally my whole life, it’s not worth another few bucks to drop them.