Star Trek Discovery (2017)


Thanks, I watched said recap, but I’m gonna need a lot more than that! :-)

There used to be sites that had great fan-written episode recaps. was a good one. I guess I’ll see if there’s a subreddit.


I like Jammer’s Reviews. He’s been reviewing Star Trek shows since forever, I started reading him back in the Deep Space Nine days as it aired, when the reviews were a lot more detailed. But his little smaller reviews now are pretty good too for reminding you what happened.


Thanks! That’s just the kind of thing I was looking for.


I thought Episode 1 was pretty good. I liked that it was a self-contained story, almost seems like a breath of fresh air with almost all TV shows serialized these days. Also seemed very Trek to me.

I couldn’t make much sense out of the plot though. Why would they send four pods to go through an extremely hazardous environment to check out the medical ship? They couldn’t even confirm if there were any life signs, and the ship isn’t big to begin with. I can stretch belief to have top officers going on away missions, but this pod asteroid thing was crazy risky (looked good though).

One other random annoyance, can someone explain why Tilly talked about dark matter? This red glowing stuff obviously isn’t dark matter. Also, I thought the premise of Trek was that they already had an extremely efficient almost unlimited energy source? Not sure why they’re excited about another one.


Perhaps the Federation answered our looming “automation” problem by outlawing robots for every task, including extremely hazardous asteroid dodging?

I wondered about this – if the asteroid “was” dark matter, wouldn’t it obliterate them when they touch it? As for the unlimited energy source – I think that’s only in TNG? But even in TNG ships are often running at “max power” – though I guess that’s instantaneous power output, rather than over time? In TOS they’re still churning through (di)lithium crystals and they need to be frequently replaced. That thing the from Tilly’s Short Trek hinted at being able to make dilithium crystals a lot less limiting, like they are in TNG.


Dark matter is not antimatter.


Oops, it seems I’m about 100 years behind in my Physics education :)


Oh the asteroid was thought of as dark matter, oops I thought it was the red stuff.


I loved tonight’s episode. I’m not sure where they’re going with the overall theme this season but I am loving the individual stories here. Jonathan Frakes did a great job as director on this one. I love the effects they used with electrical light coming out of the church. I wonder if that was CG, or if they found a way to do that with lighting within the building somehow?


That was a great old school trek episode. Unlike some, I really like Discovery’s first season. Good to see that they can do something different, but also still do the old style, when they want to.


In Stargate universe every 3rd planet is colonised by Amish villagers. Its a good trope.


Yes, which is the problem. Discovery season 1 was great, but at this point I have no interest in whatever they’re doing with season 2.


So Star Trek being very Trek is a problem? Perhaps you need to up your meds.


If they’d started the series off by having it be like Trek, I would have been happy to ignore it. But they didn’t. Instead they made one of the top three individual seasons of TV scifi, in any series. And then they seem to have followed that up with stale garbage, just to make it feel more like Star Trek. So yes, it’s a problem.



Not been a cosmic entity like foe in ST for a while. Q or oil slick guy come to mind, mebbe the wormhole aliens, oh and that Godthing behind the wall at the centre of the galaxy. I’m interested to see where the Red Angel story takes this


The red angel seems like a good actor to me. If it lead them to this planet just in time to save it. That’s what they assumed in this episode, and I can’t fault their assumption.


Seems to me like they’re doing a good job of blending serialized (which was the strong point of S1) and episodic content that is more Trek.

To each their own, of course. What show are you going to be watching instead of Discovery, since you no longer have interest in it?

Personally, the weakest part of the show for me, at the moment, is that I’m not overly attached to any of the characters. I’m liking Pike so far, but obviously little exposure, yet. Burnham is too anime moody for me and Tilly is too crazy. Saru is probably the most likeable for me, but the character is clearly a support type personality. Hopefully mirror universe Georgiou will spice things up when she gets back on.

On an entirely separate note, why does the navigation officer have such glaringly obvious prosthetic? I get she was injured in the battle of the binary stars, but why would they give her an incredibly off-putting artificial eye? I can buy the metal piece on her temple as a LaForge like cybernetic bit, but heck, we have better contacts today for the eye itself. Just seems like a very lame “hi tech” visual effect that isn’t what I would expect from the Federation.


Just joshing you for calling out a Trek show for being Trek. So really you are unhappy because you don’t like this series, called Star Trek, being anything like the Star Trek shows before it. I hope you’re seeing how odd that is.


I can understand that sentiment. The first season really was something truly different from all the other Trek series. But the second season really is a mixture between that and a tradition Trek so far.

Personally, I do enjoy the fact that they’re transitioning during the course of the series.

My CBS All Access is done for now. I’ll check out the rest of Season 2 once it’s finished.


If every Trek series is like the one before it, Trek will become the same regurgitated mindless, extruded corporate product that Star Wars has become, providing the same entertainment value as staring at paint on a wall. The first season of Discovery came at the genre from a different angle and gave hope that Trek wouldn’t fall into the same spiral of pointlessness that Star Wars has.