Star Trek Discovery (2017)


You could say Voyager and Enterprise sort of became that. It was too similar to TNG, trying to be like TNG.

Yeah, but come on. Even though what you’re saying is true, they’re somewhat restricted by the timeline. Season 1 took place 10 years before the start of Season 1 TOS. Now Season 2 is about 9 years before the start of TOS Season 1. The longer it goes on, the more you have to bring your series in alignment with TOS.


That’s valid, but the poor choice of timeline doesn’t mean they suddenly have to trot out the same tired characters we’ve seen for the past 50 years in order to shoehorn Discovery into corporate compliance. They’ve abandoned creativity and novelty in favor of rote.


So they’re damned either way. Last season half(***) of the viewers screamed about the darker storyline and how “this isn’t my Trek!” and this season the other half(***) screams because it’s too Trek.

(***) not a scientific poll (^)

(^) fucking discourse


If it were easy, anyone could do it.


As Seth Macfarlane is showing us.


It just goes to show you can’t make everyone happy.


Huh, looks like CBS put the first episode of the new season on YouTube.


Hmmm, this actually makes me maybe want to give this another chance. I liked the fact that the first season was serialised, but not the execution. You can’t get away with goofy plot devices and unmotivated character action in a serialised show, but it’s much easier to get away with it in an episodic show. So for me it needs to either become a better written serialised show or an episodic show.


This video is not available.

Sorry about that.


(I’ve seen it on Netflix, so this could be a regional thing, but usually you get told “not available in your region”)


Liking season 2 so far. The ensemble works nicely together. I think the writers now have a better idea of where they’re going and what works best with the characters at hand. It also helps that the Klingons are not involved because with their crappy prosthetic makeup and whiny voices, I had a hard time taking them seriously.

Things they can still improve upon:

After one season, I still wouldn’t be able to recall the names of quite a number of regulars on the bridge. They’ve given Saru more time to shine, and rightfully so since Doug Jones does terrific work, but I hope there’ll be more episodes that also have other members of the crew at the center of them to give them more depth. Episode 2 would have been an opportunity to give Owosekun (aka the non-Burnham/Pike character) a bit more to do, but she stayed in the background mostly because the planet plotline centered on Burnham’s and Pike’s disagreement with regards to the way they should handle the situation.

It’s probably just me, but I think they could dial back a bit the Tilly-as-comic-relief aspect. I know, her way of speaking and being overly excited is part of the character, but sometimes it seems the writers tap into that well too often.

Episode 2 note: I was kinda hoping that the engineer they rescued in the previous episode would stick around a bit. Alas, that was not the case. Also, I did not fully understand the resolution to the plot. Didn’t they say that the entire outer ring was collapsing? How would creating a gravitational pull in one tiny part of the whole ring counter that?


Probably - I’m guessing you’re not in the U.S. if you’ve watched on Netflix since I, being in the states, don’t have that option. Really wish I did.


They did overdo the Tilly comedy a little, but OMG we loved the hospital-gowns-still-suck-in-the-23rd-century thing :-)



… and now that I’ve watched the third episode I think Discovery has lost the thread again.

The first two episodes were pretty good, but diving blindly back into the Klingon intrigue plotlines was about the very last thing the show needed to do. That shit was tired the first two times. Now it’s just annoying.

And more of the insufferable Tyler too. Yay for us.



The Klingon plot was a clunker. But the fights were cool and now we all know what Klingon babies and baby cots look like.

The plot on the Discovery itself was more interesting, even if the climax of that reminded me of Ghostbusters too much.


Yea, that episode was meh. Didn’t care much for it. I hope they don’t focus so much on the Klingons. The masks are better but the actors mostly still can’t speak properly through the makeup. Annoys me to no end. And it’s not that interesting.

The Tilly plot was better but a tad too weird.

If I am counting right we have the Spock/Red Angel plotline, and now possibly the Klingon/Tyler plotline as well as the Mushroom vengeance Plotline? Getting a bit too busy if they all continue on for longer.


They pulled off two major plot lines last season (Klingons + mirror) with the more minor spore stuff, so I don’t think it’s that far off. Admittedly, I think they rushed the resolution of the plot lines last season.


Wow. To each his own, I guess. My girlfriend and I both really enjoyed this plotline. It was nice to see them fixing the Klingons.


On the Klingon plot, wasn’t the chancellor’s position based on controlling the bomb? You’d think she’d have at least a threat that if she died, the bomb would go off.


The contract probably included bomb-rights as well. I guess that’s why he was careful not to kill her, but instead paralyse her?


I genuinely love the meandering-mess-of-plotlines episodes like ep 3, especially when those are continuing plotlines from earlier episodes, more than the tight second episode. The universe feels more lived in.