Star Trek Discovery (2017)


More like suppressed those particulairy memories…



Call me when Discovery surpasses “Genesis.”



Hah, think I remember that one. Something causes the crew to “de-evolve” into weird sub humans or some crazy shit.



I cannot recall anything to do with those photos. OMG! POSSIBLE TNG EPISODE I HAVE NOT SEEN!!1



You just blocked it out. It’s one of those ill-considered seventh season “we’re running out of ideas” episodes.

Also, you never get as good a look at the character during the episode as you do in those pictures.



I thought the “evolution within the same generation” thing that happened in this last episode was pretty damned far fetched, even for this series. It’s pure fantasy.



You’re referring to Saru? My understanding is that there was no evolution—just revelation. Kelpians thought that the condition he experienced was fatal. Rather, it was a transformation from their state of constant fear to one without constant fear. They just had to endure the condition, with it ending with their ganglia falling off. All previous Kelpians were culled/harvested before they made it that far.



So due to the fact that he was the one and only member of his species to make it off his home planet, this is only now being discovered? Hmm.



That’s how I understood it. Alternatively, depending on how the Kelpians evolved (engineered to present state or conquered), this information may have been wiped from their species knowledge. I highly suspect that a “liberating Kelpians” plot, and the conflict with the prime directive, is a possible future plotline.



This episode of “Star Trek, Discovery of our Hidden Emotions", aka “STE” (Star Trek Emo) was too much for me. With every chance encounter between crew members being mined for maximum situational angst, it leaves me feeling like half the crew is stoned, exploring every moment for inner beauty & pain.

As soon as Captain Emo himself showed up (Tyler), I had had enough and turned it off. These writers have even managed to make me dislike Georgiou. What a devolution from an amazing Season 1.



Couldn’t disagree more. This has been a solid season so far and much better consistently than number one which was a hodgepodge of multiple show runners/producers.



Yeah, I’ve had fun with it. While nothing has made me drop my jaw in amazement, it’s been an enjoyable ride.



I am enjoying this season more than the first one, as they seemed to be moving towards more of an episodic approach.



Same here. I like the more episodic format and more “Trek” like episodes while the main storyline comes up regularly. But the overly dramatic voiceover by Michael is a bit straining sometimes. Still, great show.



I may have been a little harsh. I blame Tyler’s “oh ffs him again?” re-appearance for pushing me off the couch and over to the power button, but Michael definitely needs to tone down the empathy, or at least spread it out a little more between exercises.

Tig rocks, though.



Funny about the episode before this last one: remember how I wrote upthread that when I see Anson Mount in other roles I find it hard to picture him as Cullen Bohannon from Hell on Wheels? In the episode in question, I wonder if the writers made a conscious callback to that role. At one point Captain Pike gives an order to move to a certain tactical position “and don’t spare the horses!” I could totally hear Bohannon there.

Stupid autocorrect changed Hell on Wheels to Hell on Wednesday??



It’s the last full day before the next Discovery episode. It’s definitely hell.



Talk about a General Order #1 violation, warp-capable culture or not… Damn.

The Picard show is going to be him teaming up with the remainder of the Romulans, the Klingons, the Cardassians, the Dominion, the Xindi, and even the Borg, to defeat the freaking Kelpians.



The Prime Directive doesn’t make any conceptual sense in a situation where there are two interwined sentient species, one warp-capable and one not. The Directive is meant to protect the natural development of cultures. No such natural development is occurring in that type of situation.

Starfleet has no issue engaging with the warp-capable species, but is patiently waiting for the non-capable species to develop on its own? How will that happen with the action of the warp-capable species affecting the development of the other species?

The show seemed to acknowledge that by saying that the Prime Directive didn’t fully apply here.

While watching the episode, I had hoped that the Ba’ul would turn out to be evolved Kelpians and that the secret was that the few “evolved” Kelpians were cannibalisticly preying on/oppressing their own people while allowing a small percentage to evolve. I guess that turned out to be too macabre or too much of a political analogy.



Discovery is getting a third season.