Star Trek Discovery (2017)


I’ve only just watched last weeks episode (Sounds of Thunder), but the way the alien race was depicted in it didn’t really ‘sit right’ with me.

  1. What happened to humans with wrinkly foreheads as aliens? Now we’re getting full on slime monsters that are accompanied by spinny-blade drones and creepy-screaming soundtrack? This is ridiculous! They couldn’t have made a more “evil nightmare” looking species!

Edit: then again I remember evil blob monsters in TOS and TNG.

  1. 2000 years ago this Ba’ul race was wiped out down to about 100 people, but apparently fought back and took over the entire planet? Not only is that a massive genetic bottle neck, but how could they achieve that? I guess they invaded the Kelpien’s dreams with nightmares??

  2. They apparently only achieved warp 20 years ago… and yet their technology involves transporters, a planet wide beacon-network all powered from an underwater building (that can lift up, and was conviently next to Saru’s village?), and most importantly star ships that can legitimately threaten a Starfleet Crossfield-class ship?? Whilst I understand that not all technology had to be made by them, e.g. they could have traded for it, that’s a bit difficult to believe on an isolationist species.

  3. Kelpian’s go through puberty and evolve spikes, and this is triggered by a certain wavelength of sound, which that magic sun emitted, and that magic sun caused Saru to go loopy for a few days… but yet Saru managed to emit that sound to all Kelpians instantly and make them all change suddenly? Hmm.

Edit: I wish they’d slow down and have a conference room chat about this. They might have realised that no one has a clue about this kelpien puberty business and therefore they might be screwing over the entire race or something

  1. They didn’t brief the Kelpien extras that there’s a special, floaty, hand-swinging way to walk.


ps: The most interesting thing about the episode, to me, was the tactical officer had to smash physical switches with his hand to enable the torpedo tubes! I like the contrast of that vs AndroidHead person ‘swiping’ data at Tilly.


Has everyone stopped watching? Yesterday’s episode was pretty good! It provided a lot of backstory for Spock.

On the downside, there was even more lens flare than usual.


Oh the Red Angel story line is getting good, now we now why he’s appearing and a glimpse of The Big Bad to come.

The planet killer ships seem to be more powerful than those from not just any Star Trek race to date, but most sci-fi genres.


She, surely! From when Saru got a good look at her in the horror-themed transporter-room: dem hips don’t lie.

Also, even though they’re capable of destroying planets with a single bomb, their squid-ships don’t seem to be able to overpower a flimsy shuttle all that quickly.


Indeed. I was watching the episode and thinking wtf.


Ugh. I dunno. The Michael / Spock flashbacks just slow the story down in uninteresting ways for me.



My money is on the Red Angel being a future version of Michael Burnham although it would be an interesting twist if it were Georgio using advanced section 31 tech


I feel like they are too cute with Georgio. It is basically as if a time traveling Hitler was just a character on the show with snappy one-liners about former genocides.


I hear ya. They are trying to make her endearing and relatable but still evil and manipulative. Of course that’s often the profile of a serial killer, so maybe that’s what they are going for.


I feel that’s a bit too obvious. aka if they do that I’ll hate it.


The tie in to the original pilot “The Cage” was by the writers was very well done IMO. Finally getting the main story really going was much appreciated. Will have to hold final judgement till the Red Angel story plays out but felt this was the best episode of the season.


Wow, in this last one I really thought that the Discovery had lost its second Chief of Security. And they finally gave us a bit of backstory on Ariam… just before they killed her off. I’d noticed that the actress playing “Robot Lady” had changed this season–wonder if she was the actress we saw in the memory.


Yeah it’s the same actress – you can tell by the jaw line. (And also just by googling ‘Hannah Cheesman’ ;) )

I thought this episode was excellent, but I have some major nerd-gripes about the last 10 minutes.

1. WHY DIDN’T THEY USE THEIR PHASERS TO SHOOT THE MINES? They never use their bloody phasers in this show.
2. Why didn’t Nhan (the security chief), just pop up her helmet and fill it with whatever gas she breaths? And how did she survive anyway? Just by holding her other breathing tube a bit closer???
3. I hate that the helmets are all foldy in the first place.
4. Why did no-one seem to care in the slightest that Nhan was down. I mean, sure, she’s a red-shirt, but did not a single person on the bridge think to ask Burnham to check on her the instance that door was locked?
5. Why didn’t they beam Nhan or Airiam off and into sickbay/the bridge? I guess that CONTROL has put the shields up after Airiam started battering everyone – but that wasn’t stated on-screen (even though there was plenty of time!), or maybe because it’s a Prison with Section 31 Tech? They started, when they beamed over, that they had beam-locks on and were ready to transport them back the instant there was danger.
6. Assuming they couldn’t be beamed off when inside, due to Section 31 Prison Tech… why couldn’t they beam her off after she hit space? Maybe still inside the field?
7. Why did no one try to solve the problem of not killing Airiam and instead instantly went for “blast her out the airlock”?? Even Pike went straight to that conclusion, rather than exploring anything else or at least TRYING. He’s given plenty of speeches in the past about never leaving anyone behind, but now he doesn’t care? It seems massively out of character for everyone to do this.

Anyway, gripes aside, it was very thrilling.

ps: I think the next episode should be nothing but Pike reprimanding Tilly and Burnham for being massive derps all the time. Note: These aren’t spoilers because they’re constant throughout the entire series ;)


What I really want to know is why there are so many commanders on this ship? Saru, Brunham, Spoke, Ariam, and probably everyone else on the bridge, maybe the janitor.


Ariam = Lt. Commander, but like every other Lt. Commander they’re called “commander”.

Burnham is also head of Science division, and I think it’s usual to have a Commander for head of divisions in the trek universe? Though maybe I’m thinking of the much larger ships, like the Galaxy D.

Voyager had the same problems in it’s first season, as everyone was ranked way too high, and then overnight they all dropped in rank and no one batted an eye-lid.


Gonna sound like turning into a Trekkie nerd fight but disagree about too many “commanders”. Several characters on the shows were/are ensigns. Also ST shows are typical about the upper staff so most are going to be officers.


Aside from gripe 7, I had the same thoughts watching three show. The transporter was particularly irksome ad they made a big deal about being ready to been them out of trouble.


I don’t have an issue with the bridge being mostly officers. Ensigns are officers, for example. I find it silly that they’re all one step away from being captain.


Your #2 bothered me, for sure.

#1 If they could simply shoot the mines they are pretty much worthless. I assumed they were shielded and moved on.
As far as the beaming issue, yeah its a prison facility. I figured beaming was not an option.
On the issue of not killing Airiam, I wrote that off to time constraints. They didn’t have the time to parse other solutions. The captains job is to make hard snap decisions and he did. He was on a very short clock and made a decision I am sure he didn’t want to make. Burnham questioned that choice, I don’t see why anyone else would unless they had a good option to put forth. After all, the existence of all sentient life in the galaxy was potentially at stake. Same thing applies to why no one worried about Nahn. Time constraints meant they had much more important issues to deal with first.