Star Trek Into Darkness

I know we have a few “Star Trek 2” threads around the Movies board, but now that we have an official title, I felt like we needed an official thread.

What do you think of the title? It makes for a nice acronym. STID.

Hmm … Interesting title. Wonder what darkness that would be?

Maybe it’s about Star from Lost Boys entering a dark room.

The title, to me, is on the same level as “Attack of the Clones”. I.e. freaking silly.

Well, Star Trek is freaking silly itself, so I’d say it fits.

That said, “into darkness” is a way better subtitle that “attack of the clones”, “dark of the moon”, or “electric boogaloo”.


It’s not REALLY a subtitle, though, is it? It’s like a command, Star Trek Into Darkness you bastard, for example.

Yeah, I thought the subtitle was going to be “The Wrath of Benedict Cumberbatch” so Into Darkness doesn’t seem so awful.

I would cast magic missile into the darkness.

Oh wait, wrong genre. I would shoot photon torpedoes into the darkness.

I hadn’t realized Benedict Cumberbatch was in it. Seems like his career is really taking off. I really like him in Sherlock. I’ll be interested to see how he does in other roles. Seems like Martin Freeman could take his Dr. Watson, tweak him just a bit and become Bilbo. Not so much with Benedict and Smaug or Khan – although I suppose the arrogance would still be there!

Mirror Universe?

Second person imperative?

They’re gonna fly toward the Nothing and meet Atreu and Falcor and make the princess say her name and…

Star Trek Into Darkness is what happens when you fail to leave enough lights on before kicking off a really good nocturnal bender.

After the wretched writing of the first film, there’s nowhere to go but up for this sequel.

I would be very surprised if they can make a set of villains less interesting and imposing than the first films Jersey dock workers masquerading as Romulans.

Well, if they’re going Into The Darkness, it stands to reason there won’t be as many lens flares, so that’s a plus.

The new Star Trek film will involve the Enterprise taking on a passenger, Captain Willard, with orders to take him into the Nung Region to find a rogue Starfleet Colonel Kurtz.

Is it about how Geordi lost his eyesight?

Maybe the movie will have no bloom or lens flare now?

Cuz its dark and stuff.


Is this the one where the Enterprise is shrunk and injected into Martin Short?

Star Trek Into Des Moines was my guess for the sequel. :(