Star Trek: Judgement Rites... The Great Experiment!

I was perusing my local Half-Price Books store today, and I stumbled upon a boxed copy of the 1992-1993-era Star Trek: Judgement Rites today for a whopping $1!!! And it comes on a whopping 11 3.5-inch disks!

(I could have also picked up the 25th Anniversary Edition, however that came on 5.25-inch disks, which means that you’re pretty screwed in trying to run it.)

Needless to say, I picked it Judgement Rites faster than you can say “Kirk!”

Now for the Great Experiment: I am going to try and install and run the game in Windows XP.

I’m doing a cursory search for a good DOS emulator right now, but I think I might be able to get away with that DOS sound emulator. But if you have any tips, feel free to throw them my way!


Dosbox is supposed to be pretty good if you can’t get it run, well, in a DOS box. :-)

Here’s an exhaustive guide to running DOS games in XP: