Star Trek: Lexington?

I still get a listing of casting calls for local auditions in and around the Birmingham, Alabama area. It is left over from my grand visions of acting before I had kids, changed jobs, and blah.

I received one the other day looking for people of various ages that were well-versed in military operations, techniques and terminology for a project called Star Trek: Lexington.

A quick Google just revealed

It is being filmed in a studio in B’ham. Now that is CRAZY!

Anyone know anything? Damn, I shoulda gone down there. Thought it was some lame stage adaptaion. WHo knew?

Memory Alpha lists two entries for a Starship Lexington, for what that is worth.

One was in the TOS episode “The Ultimate Computer,” the other was in Deep Space Nine or something. Not sure if any of that has any relevance re: new TV show/movie/whatever.

Looks like it’s just a fan project.

Here’s some news.


I don’t understand how they say that they don’t want to infringe on the Star Trek IP, yet they say they will be selling the finished product on DVD. Isn’t that the very definition of trademark infringement?

I always thought it would be entertaining to watch a show about “great failures of the Federation” where the deus ex machina ending would inevitably take a turn for the worse. It’d be like a reality TV parody, where one crew member gets killed/incapacitated/demoted every show.

  • Alan

CBS/Paramount is taking a very hands-off approach to these fan efforts right now. There’s no Star Trek shows in production to compete against it, and there’s some recognition that the fan base is the reason why Trek endured over four decades. The NY Times had an article in the past year about how sophisticated some of these fan efforts are. One even has members of the original cast, like Uhura and Chekhov.