Star Trek Lower Decks

I really enjoyed both episodes.

The threat at the end of ep 1 and beginning of ep 2 kind of reminds me of those ships from Star Wars. What’s that doing in Star Trek? :)

That ship looks so familiar to me but I’ve yet been able to place it.

Well, the way it turns vertical is definitely similar to Slave 1?

It is similar, but I could swear I’ve seen the actual ship before.

That’s the one I’m thinking of too. I believe we either flew that in Xwing Alliance, or at least saw ourselves fly it in cutscenes in that game.

Me too, it definitely rings a bell. Maybe it was the transport vessel that brought the brilliant red-headed man to the Enterprise so he could communicate with Tin Man?

Nah the U.S.S. Hood brought Tam Elbron to the Enterprise.

It looks like a typical Federation shuttle with fancy lines on it.

No I think I’ve seen it as a toy, perhaps? One that opens at that brown seam in the middle and a person comes out? Gah, this is driving me nuts.

Are you sure it wasn’t a dumbo octopus?

Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship, if you lose the windows?

Oh shit, maybe.

My bet is the shuttle is related to the biggest threat the Federation has faced since the Borg…


Janeway’s armoured ship from the future?

Maybe she’s come back to wipe out all of the Federations rivals?

That actually looks close.

From memory alpha:

This week’s episode was very amusing to me. It’s nice to see a more naïve side to Mariner. And the side set on Halo was great too.

First episode of season four is available on Youtube:

Holy crap, now I’ve got four seasons of this stuff to work my way through at some point.

This is the best problem a person could possibly have.

I would propose that having four seasons of Strange New Worlds would be a better problem for me to have personally, but I take your point.

That’s completely fair. :) Well, so long as they weren’t all musical episodes anyway.