Star Trek Lower Decks

The Sito connection wrecked me emotionally. Wrecked.

Grief destroys logic. As does survivor’s guilt. Frankly I thought it made more sense than a lot of what Lower Decks throws at us.

Okay, superb season finale. Loved so many moments.

Only one disappointment… I expected a post-credit scene showing a young Locarno on the Genesis planet.

Still, so many fun moments! Loved the nebula scene. And the comment about actually seeing the captain’s yacht being used.

I really enjoyed it too. It made me sad though, that this is it for the season.

I just caught up, and one scene keeps popping in my head that I really enjoyed, and it may have been from the end of previous season. The one where they visit the planet addicts that captain kirk cut off cold turkey then just left and star fleet never went back. The mural, and the look on their faces.

Omg I cried. It was everything I wanted and more. Omg. No notes.

Fantastic season and a great finale.

“Hey, he looks just like Tom Paris.”

Yeah, I don’t see it.

I consider this a cancellation so I can do this:




They got tired of it making all the other Trek shows look bad.

Been rewatching this (inspired by the All Hands on Decks rewatch campaign) and it’s just so ridiculously great. We badly need much, much more of it. How expensive can it even be, it’s animated!

Didn’t they cancel it months ago? That only leaves SNW standing right now.

Of the supposedly upcoming future shows, neither the Academy one in the damn future Disco timeline NOR the Evil Emperor Yeoh as a Sec31 traitor movie hold any appeal for me whatsover.

& on the big screen they are aiming for some stupid “Star Trek Origins” movie that slots in between First Contact & Enterprise?


Just give us the Capt 7of9 show please!!

Or just hire Seth MacFarlane and have the Orville cross over through some wormhole & arrive in the TNG era Federation to muck about!

Apparently a couple of months ago but today happened to be the first I heard of it. You know.

Ok, sorry! Didn’t mean to be dismissive of your experience. I’m just as disappointed!

Damn right.

I’m not crying you’re crying.

That was great. I love that they label that hobo as Tom Paris.

Hey, he looks just like Nick Locarno.

That must be his favorite t-shirt. It looks 20 year old. :slight_smile:

Lower Decks! Lower Decks! Lower Decks!