Star Trek MMORPG

Hopefully you’ll be able to purchase a flyable Enterprise. This seems a little odd. Most MMORPGs are heavily combat-centered. That’d work fine for the Klingons, but I have to wonder whether they’re going to try and come up with a new gameplay model for the Federation. If not, it’ll be pretty funny. “A_Admiral_03 says, ‘Bring me back 10 Klingon scalps to prove your worth, Ensign.’” Given that the whole series (or at least, the ones that I watched) was generally pretty cereberal and mostly about diplomacy and exploration, I have my doubts about this project.

I also have my doubts because, frankly, most jobs in the Star Trek universe don’t seem that fun. Am I going to run a shop on DS9? Am I going to be the guy who cleans the Jeffries tube on the Enterprise? Unless I get to be Picard, Riker, or Worf, I don’t think there are many jobs on a starship that I’d enjoy doing. It might be cool to let you play in the ST universe but on a smaller scale (like as a trader or small ship operator or whatever), but from the FAQ it doesn’t look like that’s what they’re shooting for. They want you to be in Starfleet and working on a big starship.

Still, it’s a big license, so I guess if they actually release the game it might do pretty well for them. Think about all the folks who dress up as ST characters and whatnot–that’s like a ready-made fanatic audience.

I did some poking around on these guys over the weekend to see who they were and posted it up on my site (not a blatant plug). They actually may be able to pull of a ST:O game. Sims had some great tech, and Earth and Beyond was a decent engine. If they go with a Realm Vs. Realm scenario like DAoC set during ST:TOS where 3 factions (ala Earth and Beyond but with the Federation, Klingons and Romulans) can PvP in the Neutral zones it could be pretty good.

For Starships, no everyone will not command Enterprise (I forget what they were classifed in TOS) class ships, but it could be made that players can control large fleet ships. Instead of player owned and operated cities, they replace it with Ships.

The USS Q2Three could be a guild operated class Frigate as part of the federation. Players working within their fation build up points or credits to become part of the federation, then by doing away missions eventually earn their way to command of a ship.

No different than Shadowbane cities, or SWG PA cities.

Just my rambling thoughts on it.

There was actually a not bad old Trek pen and paper game from, I believe, West End Games (IIRC, it was called “Star Trek III” and was vaguely a movie license) that had a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style mission format. It was amusing in that it had quite a few missions patterned after episodes from the original series - but you could do them as Klingons.

I still really have my doubts about it. Assuming they keep it true to the series, the ships are really big, pondorous machines that are crewed by hundreds of people. Commanding one would be fun, but what else? Being the weapons guy might be okay, although in TOS my recollection is that most of the ships had like one phaser bank and one torpedo launcher. Maybe, if you really stretch it, being the pilot (navigator, whatever they call it) might be fun, although even that I kind of think would be not that entertaining–you’d just be flying around, without getting to shoot anything and without even really getting to decide where to go, since you’re taking orders from the captain.

And that’s about it. Is anyone really going to want to be the engineer or the first officer, much less any of the Ensign Expendables that were always running around the ship? It just doesn’t seem suited to a one-player = one-character experience, because most of the jobs you would do are fairly mechanical and uninteresting, and involve carrying out orders/decisions made by another player (the captain). Everyone loves playing America’s Army, but you’ll notice there isn’t any America’s Navy.

And is there really going to be that much combat? Enough to keep thousands of people fighting all the time? That works great in a game like DAOC, but doesn’t seem to really fit with Star Trek.

Again, I could see it being cool to just be in that universe–to run a small ship with like five of your friends and go off exploring or whatever, with heavy emphasis on adventure, diplomacy, trade, and exploration. I think it would be hard to actually develop all that content, but it would be cool if they did. But that doesn’t look like what they’re going for.

“Everyone loves playing America’s Army, but you’ll notice there isn’t any America’s Navy.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaarhhh, me hearties!

So will you start out as a level 1 red-shirt ensign, and will you have to die in at least 10 episodes before you can advance to the next level?

This, along with a single-player RPG, always seemed to me to be the most obvious applications of the Star Trek license…yet Activision always seemed uninterested in pursuing either. :roll:

“Everyone loves playing America’s Army, but you’ll notice there isn’t any America’s Navy.”

For a second I thought this was an opening line from a new republican effort designed to get the gamer vote angry at Kerry.

But… but we need more Star Trek FPS games!!!

Another small step for MMOG gamers, but a huge step for Klingon weddings.


Imagine the possibilities.

Virtual Star Trek conventions.

People reenacting scenes from episodes and fan fiction, then making cheesy videos of them with fraps.

what we need is a star wars/gtaiii/TROOPS mmorpg, with players being stormtroopers on patrol on tatooine. even a single player fps would be cool. riding around, racially profiling jawas…

“all suspects are guilty. otherwise they wouldn’t be suspects, now would they?”

“oh, it’s your cousin’s.”

“look out! she’s got a thermal detonator!”

I’d be the guy that owns and operates the bar/lounge/restaurant on the Enterprise. I’d wear funny hats all the time and say cryptic things when crewmembers come to me for advice.

People pay to be dancers, cooks, and tailors in SWG. Paramount sees money on the table in offering similar alternate lives to the ST fans.

“You have failed to remove the beru stew.”

It’s funny, but I think you’re actually right. I think there are people–maybe a lot of people–who would rather be a futuristic janitor than a present-day insurance adjuster or whatever.

I believe that the Enterprise was a Galaxy class starship. There were a few more of the same class out there, but the gods of Trek Nerdia are not with me at the moment.

Anyway, I would love to be a trader in the Star Trek universe. I always felt that pirates in the Roddenbury world would be very interesting.

“Quick! Hide the raktagina! There’s a federation ship asking to inspect our cargo!”

and yes, Raktagina is not illegal, but I couldn’t think of any illicit substances due to a post lunch food coma.

I thought the original was constitution class.

Anyway, did anyone play the old FASA Star Trek game? Something like that might work. Personally, I think it woudl be fund to be in engineering, or transporter (ops) as long as those roles were made significant in combat situations. I could image transporting bombs in front of other ships, or trying to time troop transports through downed shields or fighting back other ships’ troops. There are lots of possibilities for action for all involved.

ST nerdvana:

I did enjoy the old ST PNP RPG quite a bit. I’d love to try this new one out.


Back on topic, I wish these guys luck.