Star Trek Online just announced as in development

by Cryptic studios, developers of City of Heroes. They have some screenshots up on the new site. They are promising gameplay video in a few days as well.

Its nice to see this game get a home after tossed around for so many years. Cryptic seems like a nice fit.

As a Star Trek fan who has been settling for content re-runs for practically a decade, a well made Star Trek MMO would be a metaphorical wet dream. ahhh

Doesn’t look very trekie

It’d be nice if that went without saying. Ugh, nerds.

Imagine the vent dialog with that bunch, arguing over spock trivia and such. :)

I just don’t see how it could work. I want to captain a Galaxy-class ship, explore the universe, and kick some Romulan ass in epic space battles.

Exactly. Why not finally make a kick ass single-player Trek game?

As a roleplayer, I’m kinda scared of STO. In the Star Wars universe, in theory, you could just be some clueless kid from a backwater planet and get along just fine. “Empire? What’s that?” Okay, so I’m talking about a backwater somewhere further out on The Rim than Tatooine.

In Star Trek Online my options for roleplaying are being a Federation Officer or being a Klingon Officer. Either one is rife with lore, setting, cultural variations, languages and lord knows what else.

Nonroleplayers can ignore this stuff just fine. Roleplayers kinda have to know it to do a good job. In LoTRO it’s pretty easy to get by as a Man, a Hobbit or a Dwarf because Men, Hobbits and Dwarves tend to really focus more on their own bellybuttons than any big picture. Elves, however, are ancient, cultured, educated and prone to waxing on poetically in their own damned language.

In STO, every roleplaying option is essentially set on “Elf” in terms of complexity.

Hard to get very motivated for all that much work.

Ugh, nerds.

I’m not coming at this as a hardcore trekkie, because I’m not. I just happen to like the show. But how does being a Star Trek fan make one more of a nerd than say a Star Wars fan, or a comic book fan? Hell, any more a nerd than anyone who plays video games? :)

It’s way too early to tell yet, but based on the limited info in the press release, it seems they’ve totally scrapped the old design and are looking to simplify things. Instead of the possibility of “crewing” ships with other players, everyone gets to be the captain and will likely fill their ship with NPC crew. With that change, it’s also likely that you won’t be able to walk around inside your own ship.

I know doing player crews would’ve been difficult to make fun, but Perpetual had something there already. It’s really one of the things I looked forward to the most in STO, but now it sounds like they’re possibly dumbing the game down. Likely their engine (they’re using the “Cryptic engine” which is probably the same as Champions Online) wouldn’t support these types of things, so we’re probably back to the ship being your avatar (at least in space).

The fact that they’re going for both console and PC support (again like Champions Online) also is a bit of a turn-off. It might work well in a superhero game, but I can’t imagine it being well-suited for a Trek setting.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what it looks like in August.

I kid because I’ve been there. It was 50/50 between the nerds line again and making a joke about Lore after Brian’s post.

As someone who foolishly rolled and Roleplays an elf in LOTRO I couldn’t agree more. It’s taken a tremendous amount of work to form the character I play and I couldn’t imagine going through that again.

The whole concept of Star Trek goes against typical mmo thought. In Star Trek the accumulation of wealth and material goods is no longer the primary motivation of humanity. As opposed to an mmo where that is pretty much the central goal of most players.

Perhaps they need to develop a neutral faction that does still covet wealth, etc.

Ah, I got ya man. It is interesting how Star Trek fans come off as in the general perception. I’m sure that documentary from a few years ago didn’t help much.

Neopythia: Or do what SWG did and pretty much just toss the setting.

Thirty million dollars a month.

AKA why make decent money when you can make World of Warcraft money? Ignoring of course that only WoW has figured out how to make WoW money.

Gosh, i like the Star trek games, but playing one online with Trekkies, i can see that being hell for casual people. Aren’t Trekkies about the most zealous fans there are? Why is it im picturing this community being completely stuck up and elitist already!?

As a Trekkie I would say we are less zealous than browncoats.

I can’t imagine browncoats wandering around their MMO world speaking in Klingon. You know it’s going to happen.

If this game were only going to sell primarily to Trekkies it would fail spectacularly.

But who else is the Trek setting going to appeal to?