Star Trek Resurgence

Nothing says Star Trek like a good shotgun.

I know, it’s a topic for another thread, but I could never bring myself to play a Trek-themed FPS because it just seemed to antithetical to Trek. I’m sure there are some good ones but I just don’t want that.

So you’ve not played the Elite Force games, or Klingon?


I really enjoyed Deep Space Nine: The Fallen. It was a mixture of exploration, puzzle solving and yes, some firing of the phasers are such. It was very Star Trek, and very DS9.

The first Elite Force just had you using a phasor and a phasor rifle. It fit in the Voyager universe well but it was a Quake 3 engine FPS, so it was frustrating for me not to have any satisfying weapons. The demo for Elite Force 2 fixed that by adding the shotgun. I’m sure the full game had a good reason for it to be added.

Er, there are a ton of weapons in the first game.

I stand corrected. I don’t remember most of those, but quite a few of them sound phasor-adjacent. I just remember being dissatisfied with them. Like most Raven software games, I enjoyed it enough to not regret playing it, but never enough to go “hell yeah, that was great”. With the exception of Quake 4.

Going to continue my detour here for a bit: feel free to skip if you aren’t interested in deviation from “Resurgence” discussion.

That said, I love Trek. And there have been a bunch of Trek games that I’ve loved. Top of the list for me would be the point and click Interplay games, Star Trek 25th Anniversary and Judgment Rites. I can understand that those types of games aren’t going to appeal to everyone, but they had exactly the sort of gameplay and themes that I appreciated - puzzle solving, conversation (some discussion and persuasion involved), exploration and yeah, even some combat because sure, that’s a thing that happens in Trek from time to time.

I’ve played Star Trek Online which, yeah, it’s an MMO but I went through it solo. And while I did think it was really interesting, looking back on it I think it was 90% combat focused. And that may be conservative. I just got tired of all the fighting.

I even played the Trek game based on J.J. Abrams movies and even enjoyed it - it’s a third person shooter, but I guess I had hopes that it might lean more toward the Mass Effect end of the spectrum that Gears of War, for instance. Not so much, it turns out, but still kinda cool.

So to turn this back toward Resurgence, I don’t mind this kind of course correction to what I feel Trek games have lacked - a slower paced, more contemplative, possibly morally complex experience than we’ve seen much of so far. I do get that this too may not work for some people, those who find Telltale games to be lacking in gameplay. But I think for those of us who do enjoy these kinds of games, playing a Trek game in this style might be a refreshing change.

I’ve been avoiding Epic store since I got a Deck. I hope this is a timed exclusive.

Ah damn, hadn’t noticed that part. Eh, it’ll wait.

I wish there had been a Birth of the Federation 2. The first had some good ideas but had some bad bugs, and was abandoned after just one patch (if I remember correctly).

That said, this looks interesting.

What I wanted was more Klingon Academy games. Alas.

I’d be very into that.

Personally though, I really want a Starfleet Command 4 (that plays more like 2 or Orion Pirates). As an old Starfleet Battles nerd those games captured what I really wanted out of a Star Trek game, and nothing has properly scratched that itch since.

I loved Star Fleet Command, except for SFC3. But a SFC 4 that plays like SFC2 would be awesome.
I’d also be into a good Birth of Federation game…or do one based on the Federation and Empire boardgame.

Yeah, that would be awesome too.

Posting a tweet, but I’ll spoiler it because it reveals a particular character who will be appearing in the game that folks may not want advance knowledge about.

For someone who doesn’t care about spoilers, you’re actually one of the best at Qt3 about not posting any. Kudos sir! I salute you. Thank you.

Definitely looking forward to getting this game looks very interesting.

Welcome! Yeah it’s a day one purchase for me as well.

This is out now. Reviews are 7’s and 8’s because I guess there’s not enough shooty. The only options on PC are volume sliders and resolution.

1440p isn’t on there, or 4k.

So far, not thrilled, haven’t gone past the title screen. Can’t believe there’s no 1440p.