Star Trek Resurgence

It really did.

Did this ever get more resolution support and mouse inversion…? Keen to try but it sounds a bit basic.

You get sound volume sliders and a fullscreen check box in the options menu. Don’t be greedy!

The devs are working on a mouse inversion patch. The holdup is concern that it might interfere with their onscreen QTEs.

I normally use mouse inversion too, but it didn’t matter to me in this game. It’s more adventure game than RPG or shooter. You do walk around some and occasionally shoot things, but the core gameplay is conversation decisions and QTEs.

I played in 1920 x 1200, and the resolution looked fine to me, but it’s not going to win any awards for graphics. The story is the thing here.

So I picked this up today (didn’t play yet) because I found this:

Also, PCGaming Wiki has inversion instructions:

I want to play this, but I don’t know if I can be bothered buying a full price Epic store game.

How long do I have to wait for it to be on Steam? :)

Isn’t it still 25% off there?

Really enjoyed it too, but I got the feeling that your decisions don’t have much impact on the storyline and ending except for the impact on certain characters.

So it’s pretty much like any other Telltale adventure game then

It doesn’t say so on the store page, but when I go through the the checkout I see 25% off due to some voucher I apparently have, making it a more palatable £23.76

What a terrible way to run a website.

The homepage to the store tells you there is a mega sale with every game 25% off. Even new releases are 25% off.

I homepage I skipped by googling for “buy star trek resurgence”? :)

If they want to sell games I have a suggestion for them: show the price people will actually pay, especially if it’s lower.

Never played any other than this. Still a good game, but so much potential wasted.

I believe it would definitely change the way certain characters behaved in certain situations later on. For example:

Apparently if you didn’t say the right things to Portal he’d turn on you in the final few moments.

So I did think it mattered in the long run.

Ok I started playing this - I have no idea when the game saves, and this is frustrating me. I got a new segment title, thinking “hey I can quit now!” and my save slot shows the last segment as the start point…

Edit: wrong thread…

It saves pretty regularly, but it DEFINITELY saves when it has chapter titles.

Considering its Epic published this is a good question - maybe a year and maybe never. That said, my sense from this and other discussions is that waiting awhile for them to work out the bugs, expand the PC options, and generally improve the experience isn’t going to hurt anything.

Just consider the Epic release a beta for the Steam release.

Guess what the one game in my library is that crashes on the ROG Ally?

Another guy reported trying 70 games on his and STR was the only one that doesn’t work.

Hope they fix this in the eventual patch.