Star Trek Roleplaying

— Alan

Topless DMs?

Probably a sweaty guy with massive moobs.

Don’t be judgmental.

— Alan

“Nothing weird is going to happen.”


I actually don’t think this is too weird.

If you want to find people who are into the same hobbies as you, and you’re new to an area, why not Craiglist or a store ad that deals with said hobby.

The Doctor’s Prescription pad is a bit odd to put in the ad.

“Maybe my mom will make lunch.” - Best part of the post.

The author of the ad now says it was totally a joke.

I was intentionally creating a fictional author who takes things too far. I kept the sentences disjointed; I made him fussy and deranged; I tried to blur the line between improbability and plausibility. To that end, I believe I succeeded. I liked that he got distracted by the idea of defending his decision to make it strictly TNG. I laughed to myself when I wrote the idea of a prescription pad (which is actually drawing on a pretty painful part of my childhood). The line that everyone loves, “Nothing weird is going to happen,” is among the best things I’ve ever written and it really delivers a solid blow to the scene (to borrow a Hollywood term).

The Doctor’s prescription ad and the thing about the mom making food or whatever is pretty much what set off the fake alarm for me.

— Alan

I was going to make a joke about the “send bio + stats” referring to the character, not the player, but all the fun is gone now.

A weird CL ad is worthy of a standalone news story? That’s setting a low bar.

Pffft, I’ve posted much better Craigslist stuff than that.

Aawww man, I thought the thread was gonna be about this:

Not that creepy shit. :/

I thought it was going to be about that and the game where each person’s computer is a different bridge station. I would do that. Don’t judge me.

There are now TWO games that do that, apparently:

Artemis, which has been around for a while, and…
Quintet, which I just heard about.