Star Trek, the rewatch, continued. TNG

Yeah, any great villain gets ruined with overuse.

I definitely remember being extremely disappointed by an episode where Borg were reduced to Lore’s minions.

The first introduction was great.

S2 E17 - Samaritan Snare

Eh. It wasn’t too bad. I was really worried it was going to be a Wesley-at-the-academy episode, but it wasn’t that. On the other hand, the medical procedure was nearly as bad. They looked goofy in their red surgical outfits, and then spewed a bunch of jargon just for the purpose of making Riker rush (but only a little) through the Geordi rescue.

The main plot of the episode, the bit with the Pakleds, was fine, but IMHO it didn’t really rise too much above “serviceable”. I was somewhat intrigued by the Pakleds, and didn’t really see the twist coming (them holding Geordi prisoner), though it was obvious that something had to happen. It was also resolved through (essentially) technobabble, though that was more forgiveable since the point was that they were deceiving them.

The episode was rescued from mediocrity by Picard (as usual)–his display of vulnerability was by far the high point.

“We look for things to make us go” has been part of my lexicon since the original air date.

(I know it’s not an exact quote, hush you.)

S2 E18 - Up the Long Ladder

I liked this one against my better judgment. The Irish people were a horrible stereotype, and the cloning bit was weird. (Why did they decide just to clone the original five, instead of at least producing a couple more the normal way and then mix in some cloning?) Also, the resolution was not really believable: the cloners should have been happy to agree to the deal, but the faux-Irish seemed to drop all of their luddism (you know, their philosophical principles) without a second mention.

But I decided to roll with the horrible stereotype and everything else, and it was fun. Well, funny, at least. It was clear the writers were in on it, as Picard lampshaded the absurdity by just bursting out laughing and saying that sometimes you just have to roll with it. I don’t imagine this episode’s going on anyone’s “best of” list, but at least I’m not too disappointed in it.

The bit with Worf and Pulaski at the beginning as good. I’m really rooting for a romance there (though I know it can’t happen). Also, as much as I love Riker putting the moves on anything that walks… doesn’t Starfleet have an HR department?!?

S2 E19 - Manhunt

So, Lwaxana Troi comes back. I am… not a fan. Mind-reading, at least as she does it, just feels cheap–and the throwaway ending bit where she identifies the alien delegates as assassins just confirms it. I appreciate the character bits with Picard, and making fun of her and all, but meh. I think I could have skipped this episode.

On the plus side, we saw that Starfleet formal dress is, well, a dress, which I don’t think I’d seen since season one.

S2 E20 - The Emissary

Worf gets a love interest! Except… Star Trek doesn’t seem to do romcom well, or at least not for Klingons. I was looking forward to seeing her throwing things at him while he recited love poetry (didn’t he say that in an earlier episode?) but instead we get a love-em-and-leave-em with genders reversed (more or less). Honestly kind of a let down, though I did like the actor who played K’Ehleyr – I wonder if we’ll see more of her.

Also seen: that guy, I know who he is, uh, what’s his name, he was in Office Space…? (Diedrich Bader)

(The plot with the Klingons from last century was so trivially resolved it’s not really worth mentioning.)

I love K’Ehleyr. Love.

Susie Plakson. I thought the green female Jedi was her at first, but that is Rebecca Henderson.