Star Trek: Very Short Treks - Shorts from Too Many Cooks celebrating Trek

These need their own thread.

I have to admit, I’ve not liked either of these. They don’t feel like Trek at all, or even a good parody of Trek.

I thought “Skin a Cat” was kind of funny. Made me kind of want to rewatch the Animated Series.

Yeah it’s very absurdist like Too Many Cooks or Space Ghost (go figure since it’s the same folks) so if you’re not into that humor, this won’t work for you.

I loved those shows.

I don’t think they were really going for parody. Or maybe technically it is a parody, but I didn’t get the impression they were lampooning the series or anything.

“It is funny, because he normally has legs” got a chuckle out of me. :)

I thought these were pretty good but I’m a non-Trekkie.

I thought Holiday Party was great.

Skin a Cat went on 90 seconds too long and seemed aimed at Pete Holmes fans, not Star Trek fans.

Edit: Don’t watch this while eating.

Well that was … ok I don’t know what that was. I don’t think I’ll be watching it again though.

So far they’re batting .333. I liked Holiday Party. The other two were just dumb.

And I’m a hardcore Lower Decks fanboy, so I do not mind silliness with my Trek.

These need the touch of gazorra.

OK, that one was pretty good. At least it didn’t gross me out.

Agreed, probably the one I like the most so far. And hey, Prodigy.

Best so far, but that is NOT high praise.