Star Wars: Battlefront 2

So - 1700 + players right now, and an increase over the last few days. That, on top of rumors of a patch as soon as Disney gives the go-ahead makes this my new go-to game for MP online.

Just in case anyone else else is interested in this wonderful game, its also on sale RIGHT NOW!

Anyways - will I see you in-game?!


Nothing funny about it. Since the recent multiplayer patch, numbers for this are crazy.


Not bad for a 12 year old game.

It wasn’t until you said this that I realized this isn’t the recent Star Wars Battle??? 2 game. I was amazed it dropped to $3 so fast, but figured it tanked or something because of the dlc stuff people hated.


I got it confused with this game of almost the same name:

…you’re funning with me, right? This is a funny. Right?

No. I’m not a Star Wars guy, especially when it comes to the games. Other than the first three movies (which I only watched for the first time four or five years ago) it’s all a blur to me.

But…it says 2005…right there…points

[quote=“BrianRubin, post:9, topic:132935, full:true”]
But…it says 2005…right there…points
[/quote]I didn’t know that until you pointed it out, I had to go into desktop mode to see it.

Here’s how I see things on my device:

But…surely when you went to Steam you saw the 2005…

I didn’t go to Steam. I don’t want to buy the game.

Which would be a shame if you were a Star Wars guy, as it’s the best Battlefront game for my tastes

Can Disney still afford it?

This is pretty much the only shooter I play. And against the AI on Expert in solo mode my team will probably lose 90% of the time, so as far as i can tell that’s just about infinite replayabilty. There’s also surprisingly something of a multiplayer audience, though i think EA fleshes out teams with AI teammates. It looks and sounds great like all Star Wars games, with lots of variety of models and settings.