Star Wars Battlefront 2

Well, they showed it off today in the Presidio. I know some of you were there. I must say, I was impressed with the PC version. The space combat stuff was a blast, and the Jedi battles were also quite cool.

What’d everyone else think?

The demo/beta was pretty polished but somewhat underwhelming. Mostly that came from playing the droids, though–I hate the droids. The space stuff was nifty and the stormtrooper/rebel trooper battles are pretty decent.

Playing the beta, not a lot of time in yet, but it seems floaty and less “solid” and the weapons (at least the rocket launcher) seem less responsive.

But I did get to blow up Yoda, so it wasn’t all bad.

Is this the FPS akin to BF? If so, asside from a starwars theme, what else does it bring to the table? What I want is a game that forces more team play and less zerg play.

The you’re probably better off with BF2. Lone wolves do just fine in SWBF.

Well does it have a lot more intresting enviroments then BF as well as similar ones as BF2?

For example on differant:
Corridore battles (inside a star destroyer)
Low-G battles
Enviromental hazzard battles like volcanic planets or external space station battles where you can easily fall to your doom.

Similar types:
Open field battles
City battles
Large scare battles where mobility is very important.

Finally are the ‘classes’ fairly similar to BF such as sniper, assualt, medic, etc… or do they have differant kinds of classes that change gameplay significantly?

I guess what I am really asking is:
If you like games similar to BF, but do not really care about a starwars theme, does this new game offer anything new or better then BF2? Is it worth spending the money on if you already have an enjoy BF2?

More demo questions:

And how do the Jedi work now?

Have they fixed the flying?

The flying is worse, to the extent that I used to know how and now I’m re-learning.

The Jedi can be selected after earning enough points in a level to unlock the “hero” of that map. Only one player can be the hero at a time. They play like superpowered characters with melee weapons, mostly. The primary difference between them and the regular troops is that they can’t use health pickups, and instead gain health back by killing enemies. Thus, heroes have to be aggressive and put themselves out in the fray if they want to survive.

The flying in space is quite good, I think. It’s really fast, takes some getting used to, but it’s very fluid and responsive once you adjust to how fast it moves. When a team finally makes it to the enemy ship, the on-board battles are always utter chaos. I haven’t spent much time flying in land-based maps, so I don’t really know how that works differently, if at all.

If you don’t like Star Wars, there’s no real reason to buy Battlefront 2 as a replacement or supplement for Battlefield 2. The point is really a Battlefield style game in the SW universe. It adds a few interesting ideas like the “heroes” you can earn in each map and the offline campaign modes, but I doubt it will make much of a dent in a Battlefield 2 fan’s schedule if they’re not also a SW fan.