Star Wars Battlefront - Dev's still updating this?

I’ve still held off getting this game waiting for it to mature a bit more… but now I’m wondering if I missed the boat. Is this game kind of dead now server-wise now? Is it thriving? Are the developer’s still working o improving it?

You mean Star Wars Galaxies?

Nope, Star Wars Battlefront. The one Tom liked so much.

I hit the forums at and it looks like there’s a huge list of fixes/additions that the regular players are begging for. There hasn’t been a patch since December, but the devs have been requesting help from the player community to test new code.

I haven’t touched the game in a few months myself, since there’s been so much other stuff on my plate.

Oh. I didn’t even know Battlefront had multiplayer worth playing. :)

Jabba’s Palace is a new map now available to download for free.

Pretty link here: Clicky


I didn’t either. I thought the whole purpose of Battlefront was as a pseudo-multiplayer game. :)


Lotsa fun and very much overlooked (on the PC anyway, no idea how many are playing online on the console versions).