Star Wars Battlefront - How dedicated are the Dev's to this?

I’m curious if the Developer’s (Pandemic I think?) are going to continually fix up this game?

I haven’t purchased it yet do the medicore reviews and problems. SO I’m curious if anyone know if Lucasart’s is going to continue funding for better patch development?

LucasArts supporting a product?

Hmm… not any more likely than Atari authorizing more than one token patch.

Well, unless the game has a monthly fee.

Hmmm, guess I won’t buy it then - ever.

Pandemic has produced “unofficial” patches in the past. I know that the second Battlezone II patch was never actually given the go-ahead by Activision (or QA’ed) but was produced and released anyway.

There’s been a few patches already, and the devs are promising more. Supposedly there is even a new map (Jabba’s Palace) in the works.

How can anyone play this after 5 minutes of Halo2. I can’t wait to trade this in for something else.

You can play Battlefront on the PC. Doesn’t cost anything either.

If you have a gaming Internet connected PC why would you even bother with this game? There’s dozens of FPS and mods that are better than that game.

There are mods better than Battlefront? Can you post a couple, I want to play them!

Quake 1 Mega TF!

As it was, is, and ever shall be.

I don’t care for Battlefield: Star Wars on the Xbox (although I love that you can play the campaign multiplayer, which I wish they’d add to the PC). The game is clearly an example of something built for the PC and poorly adapted to a gamepad.

And for the record, I like Battlefront on the PC a whole lot, especially as a single player game. Pandemic has released dedicated server software with added functionality and they new Jabba’s Palace map looks pretty promising.

It has its problems, but this one has been a guilty pleasure of mine since it came out.


If I could opst a graph it would be a sine wave of up, down, up, down, up. If they continue to support it (especially to fix the AI), then I may pick this up.

What’s wrong with the AI?

I like the AI a lot, because it actually plays the maps, as well as follows your orders and uses vehicles effectively, which is something DICE and Novalogic haven’t been able to accomplish in all five or six iterations of their respective games. Hell, Bungie hasn’t even bothered to try including bot AI in Halo, which is a shame. In fact, the AI is the reason I think Battlefield: Star Wars is entirely viable as a single player game.


Really? Wow, I was just going on what I’d read in all the reviews so far saying the bot AI was really bad in single player mode. I’d held off getting the game because of this (I only have a PC, no console). Meee’s aaaaa royally confused (that’s my best jar jar binks impersination) :)

Yes, the enemy bot AI is horrible, and the lag in online multiplayer is frustrating. It could just be because I have the PS2 version, though.

Yes, you may be on to something.

Ahh that’ sinteresting. So many the reviews were congolmerates and not indepednant pc reviews.

Multiplatform games suffer when brought down to the lowest common denominator of the PS2. Look at the map sizes of Battlefront compared to Halo 2 and Half-Life 2.

Personally that’s my biggest beef with Battlefront. Once you get into a TIE fighter or X-Wing or any other flying craft you spend more time pinballing around the map boundaries and looking through the pop-up fog instead of dogfighting.

I haven’t seen many positive comments about this game, so I wanted to throw in my two cents as someone who had a lot of fun with it.

I’ve got the Xbox version, played it on Live and played pretty much everything you can on single player. The maps are small when you’re tooling around in flying vehicles, but to me this game is not about flying, its about ground combat. My favorite thing to do in this game was to select the standard grunt soldier and just get into the thick of things.

I had no complaints about the AI. Like Tom said, the bots actually follow commands and do an OK job on their own, taking and holding command points, etc. Obviously playing on Live is better in this regard, although when you tell a bot to follow you, you’ve got a higher likelihood of him following through. I was pretty pleased the first time I got a pilot to follow me when I was a rebel commando trying to take down an AT-ST on the Endor map, he tagged along and kept feeding me health and ammo packs until that sucker went down.

Hell yeah, just for UT2K4, there’s…

Chaos UT
Frag Ops
Troopers - I had more fun with this mod than with Battlefront.

Now I’m now saying Battlefront is a bad game, it’s not, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve just gotten a LOT more fun out of these few mods.